Subject: Just want to make sure I'm doing okay with Bonding
Posted by Scott Runnels on September 11, 1999 at 15:31:30:

I've had Dizzy now for about 5 days. She's about 4 or 5 months old. Anyway, here is how I've been trying to Bond with her: I will take the pouch while she's asleep in it, and put it under my shirt and wear while Im home. I'll even take her out shopping or running errands, but I make sure the top is tied off so she can't get out. I also have her pouch lined with the sleeve of a shirt, that I wore to pick her up in and for awhile she seemed to like sleeping in the shirt more than the pouch, until I put the shirt IN the pouch! Also, today I started taking the aforementioned shirt sleeve and putting it in a pocket of a shirt I'm wearing and let her sleep in there. Every so often, whether shes in the pouch or the pocket, I'll stick my finger in with some fruit juice on it. She'll lick, and nibble sometimes, but she doesn't bite hard. I also will just pet her while she sleeps, and hand feed her. Today, as she was licking the juice she decided she wanted to explore. Usually she'll crawl right into my hand and stay there for a moment, and then crawl away. She tried to crawl between the couch (it's a sectional couch) and I had to stop her. I just grabbed her up in my palm, and made a ring with my thumb and ring finger so she couldn't slip through. Since she seemed awake (it was about 3 pm, I decided to take her to my room, which is glider proofed, and let her explore. She ran a bit, played in her cage, and then decided to try to hide under some newspaper. I had to go to work, hence I decided it was time for her to go back in her cage. It took awhile, but finally I was able to put both hands around her, while not touching her. Kind of building a cylinder around her with my hands. After awhile, I moved my hands closer and she crawled up. She seems to like to perch herself on my forefinger, so I put her in the cage, and she immediately jumped to one of the ropes and crawled into her pouch. Am I setting back any progress by having to capture her? Should I just let her come back to me? WILL she come back to me? The other night, I was letting her explore my room, and she really didn't go too far away, but she would come back every so often, and crawl around on me. But usually she tries to stay on my back or on my shoulder blades, so I can't see her. Am I doing well? Anything you can think of that I'm doing wrong, or should maybe try? I know it's a slow process, but I just wanted to make sure I was doing things that will show progress.

Scott Runnels

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