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Posted by Bourbon on September 11, 1999 at 15:41:01 from

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there is a couple of things, you are trying to teach her to trust you.. so you too must trust her to some extent. don't tie it off unless you absolutly have too. hang your shirt everyday that yuou wear and lay it on the top of her cage, or hang it right on the side by her pouch. As far as the capturing.. don't come in behind her like you are chasing her, come in to the front of her and lay your hand flat palm down close all your fingers together, spread your thumb out , lay your hand low and slide it in to her bottom feet right at the open Y between your thumb and index finger. So she can run right up your hand. you will teach her that you won't grab her, and in a sense make her think she came to you willingly. We call this interception, and it also gets her used to your face and hands as well. Gliders can be claustrophobic, and many don't like confinement, I know that the way you described it, it didn't seem like you were grabbing her tightly or anything, so don't get me wrong. But you do want her to THINK this is all her idea.

Good Luck

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