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So sorry to here about your loss. I would highly doubt that a simple bath killed her. Many people actually bathe their gliders, even though most of us would prefer to use a damp cloth. I would have to guess that if she was so sick, that possibly the shock of the water was too much, or knowing gliders that they must really be ill to be showing symptoms that it just happened during her bath. I would have to advise everyone, that if your glider is showing signs of illness, get it to a vet imediately. In most cases the glider must have been sick for a while when the signs show up. You just can't fool around you have to get them to a vet who is qualified to diagnose the problem.
I wouldtake a good look at everything you have done with her, especially her diet, because almost all of glider illness are caused by poor nutrition. Research and learn from your mistakes.



: about a month and a half ago i started noticing that my sugarglider, cappi, was not taking care of herself. she seemed lifeless. she wouldn't clean herself, i would go to play with her and she was covered in her own mess. so after a while i had to give her a bath, i know you're not supposed to but what else could i do, just leave her a mess? so i gave her a bath, then all of a sudden she went under, i got her out and put her in a wash cloth and started to dry her off but she started gasping and just died, right there in my hands, what happened.
: what did i do wrong?
: Should i have given her a bath?
: why did she die?

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