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that she went under the water.. that means water in the lungs,
Gliders are very susceptable to pnemonia, The fact that she was messing on herself to the point that she needed a bath, says that she was very ill, diarehhia maybe? she said she seemed lifeless. .. That glider was already VERY , VERY sick, a bath was not the thing for her at the time, an emergency vet was. The death of this glider, may not have been avoided, but the priorities were definitly not in order. IF EVER your glider seems strange in any way, not eating, not drinking, spacey look to the eyes, don't moveing as usual, nose being pale, eyes not bright, a "I don't feel good" look. Get it to a vet immediatly.. About all we can do here, is to stress research, stress vet visits, especially if you just get them, just to be safe. Be prepared, don't just jump on the first thing that sounds easy and try it. Read a lot. There is a lot of info out there that is detrimental to the gliders health. But watching, and reading, it don't take long to know, what to do. But it does required loads of research..
: : about a month and a half ago i started noticing that my sugarglider, cappi, was not taking care of herself. she seemed lifeless. she wouldn't clean herself, i would go to play with her and she was covered in her own mess. so after a while i had to give her a bath, i know you're not supposed to but what else could i do, just leave her a mess? so i gave her a bath, then all of a sudden she went under, i got her out and put her in a wash cloth and started to dry her off but she started gasping and just died, right there in my hands, what happened.
: : what did i do wrong?
: : Should i have given her a bath?
: : why did she die?

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