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Here is what I am currently feeding her:

* Sugar Glider Diet. A hard food that I keep in her cage at all times.

* One Cricket per day.

* One Teaspoon of Leadbetters:

Apple Juice - 1/2 cup

Honey - 1/2 cup

Boiled egg - 1 (I leave the shell on)

Gerber Baby cereal - 1/2 cup (dry flakes)

Wheat Germ - 1/4 cup

Vitamins - For this I used Avitron about 40 drops.

Perhaps, I should just mix some of the Glider Booster into the leadbetters and NOT dust her food with it? She hasn't been eating as much of her fruits that are dusted. The person who sold me the Glider Booster, uses it on his Gliders and works at "Noah's Pets" in Richmond. A pet store that is highly respected.

She will usually lick ALL of the leadbetters out of the bowl.

* A mix of Diced Apples, Diced Oranges, Diced Carrots, A small piece of Egg with it's shell on. The mix is also dusted with The Glider Supplement.

What do you think of this diet? Can you think of something you think I may be doing wrong, based upon what I've given you? I know you don't know what will be BEST but I would like your OPINION!

I got this diet from Ruths

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