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Posted by Ms. Shell on September 14, 1999 at 15:56:43 from

In Reply to: Quick Update posted by Scott Runnels on September 14, 1999 at 15:34:44:

Why do you wake her up in the daytime? Aren't you just a bit cranky when someone wakes you up when you are trying to sleep? I have always tried to respect the fact that my gliders are nocturnal and therefore sleep during the day. If they are in my pocket they are sleeping during the day, and at night is when I let THEM decide when it's time to get up. Sorry, not trying to cause a problem. I just feel like I dictate enough of their lives... where they live, what they eat. I figure the least I can do is let them have some freedom over when they sleep and when they play.
Why not try just letting her get her beauty sleep? :)

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