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It seems to me that if you have gliders, you will probably have at least a hundred fruit flies also (you can name them for fun!). It's something that both my roommate and myself have discovered and reluctantly have accepted. But what you can do to try to reduce the number of flies, is to trap them. I have had some success by placing fruit or beer in a jar and wrapping the jar with saran wrap. Then punch a dozen little holes into the wrap, and let the flies crawl in.... notice they can't crawl out. Some people will freeze the jar after a number of flies have resided there, just to be humane. Others will just toss them... whatever you want to do, do.

Another thing I am currently trying is to have a bowl of dissolved yeast in water. I guess that yeast is toxic to fruit flies, and they go peacefully from there. I haven't noticed anything just yet. But try and try again!

Good luck!

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