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would you like fruit flies in your food? secreting digestive fluids,laying eggs in a perfect bacterial breeding ground???????: : Ok, I feed Dizzy *different glider from scott's* her food every evening around 8:30-9:00 and then I take out her dish with some left overs sometimes in the mornings like at 7:00 am. And every morning there's always little fruit flies flying around. Ok so my question is How can I get rid of these fruit flies?

something is unclean. they are attracted to decay [ripe fruit is a stage of decay we accept.] clean everything. cage, dish...everything.

And could they harm my glider? (i'm guessing they don't but just thought i'd ask to be safe). Oh yeah and I have another question every other day I have this vitamin stuff I sprinkle on her food ( I don't know what its called I got it from the breeder i bought her from and he said it last her whole life it was in a baggy) but anyways when I sprinkle this stuff on her food she doesn't seem to eat as much of it. Is this weird? And when I sprinkle Repcal on her food (once a week not the same day as other stuff) she don't seem to eat her food at all. So what should I do? thanx

: : Jill :)

: The only way I can get my gliders to eat their food when I put Reptcal is to mix it in baby food (stage 3). They seem to not notice that it is in there. I really have to mix it though or they just pick out the little granuals. Too smart!!!

hummmmmmmmm...i've feed non fat fruit yogurt. once you find the brand and flavors they like, no more calcium problems. also [ensure] for the female while carrying and while weening. Very healthy babies and mother...use the lower fat kind.

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