Subject: Please help! Urgent!
Posted by Joshua Byrns on September 15, 1999 at 09:13:18 from

I purchased a baby Sugar Glider about a week ago.
Up until this morning she seemed to be adjusting just
fine, she was eating out of my hand and the last day or
two she would even walk on to my hand by herself. This
morning I woke up and went to check on her to discover
that she was laying in an odd position. I picked her up
and placed her on the floor and she just rolled around a
bit. She then started to walk but didn't seem to have
full use of her legs (I think just the hind ones). I've
read about hind leg paralysys but don't know how to treat
it. I've been having a hard time finding a vet in my area
that knows anything about Sugar Gliders. I thought that
I was feeding my sugar glider properly. Everyday I have
been giving her fresh fruit; Apples, grapes, waterelon,
ect.. I have also been giving her dry low fat Iams cat food
mixed with a dry Sugar Glider food that the breeder gave me
with the glider.

Please help!

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