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:Were you giving her any type of vitemine supplemant. Gliders
need calcuim. Take her to a vet now. Call the closest zoo and
ask what vet they use. She need some calcuim/vitemines. Hind leg
paralysist is caused by a calciume definscie. >sp<. PLease take her
to a vet ASAP.

Little Bit

I purchased a baby Sugar Glider about a week ago.
: Up until this morning she seemed to be adjusting just
: fine, she was eating out of my hand and the last day or
: two she would even walk on to my hand by herself. This
: morning I woke up and went to check on her to discover
: that she was laying in an odd position. I picked her up
: and placed her on the floor and she just rolled around a
: bit. She then started to walk but didn't seem to have
: full use of her legs (I think just the hind ones). I've
: read about hind leg paralysys but don't know how to treat
: it. I've been having a hard time finding a vet in my area
: that knows anything about Sugar Gliders. I thought that
: I was feeding my sugar glider properly. Everyday I have
: been giving her fresh fruit; Apples, grapes, waterelon,
: ect.. I have also been giving her dry low fat Iams cat food
: mixed with a dry Sugar Glider food that the breeder gave me
: with the glider.

: Please help!

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