Subject: This, That, and new babies...
Posted by Elwin Bullard on September 16, 1999 at 15:48:58 from

Been away a while. I am working in Food service management and that eats up a lot of time. I am really glad this board is back.

We currently have two OOP, one male, one female; and three inpocket.

Glider adoptions now also sells custom made PVC cated wire cages with all gliders if the purchaser wants one. a 24"x24"30" cage is 75$. It is made with a large door for easy access and at least two shelves that run the length of one whole side mounted near the top of the cage. Usually on the back wall and one side wall. We have not shipped any cages yet but I'm sure it could be done at a reasonable price.

Rocky, the male I rescued about 6 mths ago died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. He was fine one day and gone when I got home from work the next. I could not bear to have a necroposy done so he was buried in my flower bed. I will plant a rose bush on that spot this coming spring.

I will have to go for now but hope to be a regular contributor now that life has settled into a regular schedule again.


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