Subject: How to rebuild trust?
Posted by T.J. on September 19, 1999 at 10:31:12 from

As most of you know I recently got my gliders introduced to each other. My male glider does not trust me anymore and i understand why. During the introduction when he would crab and chase her i would always seperate them and that frustrated him to the point of really biting us hard, so now that they are together, I can't get near the female without getting bit. Any suggestions on winning back his trust? What i have tried so far is taking the pouch, with them in it and just holding them. he will not come out of the pouch at all. I tried offering him treats and he would look at the treat and then look at my finger and he would take my finger every time. If my hand gets anywhere near the top of their pouch he grabs me and bites. I didn't even attempt to get them out for three days after the introduction, I thought they might need time to settle in to their new cage and time to get to know each other. I still offered them treats through the cage and i would talk to them. Should i leave them alone for awhile longer? or keep getting them out in the pouch? any advice is appreciated! (T.J.)

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