Subject: Re : How to rebuild trust?
Posted by Ashjan on September 19, 1999 at 17:41:53 from

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When I first introduced my pair it was combined with a prolonged abscence by me. This entire affair ended up with him being frantic that by my return his Precious would now leave. This naturally stressed him out. He became very aggressive and overly protective of his new found love. Upon returning to my home his aggression progressed. Not more than two days later she had twins make the trip. After this I began the bonding system all over, presenting treats, never acknowledging his behavior, never asserting my moves to him, letting him come to me during playtime. However, to show that she was a permanent presence I began to take her out seperately from him. Leaving him behind in the cage, for short periods of time then extending the time slowly. This creates the feeling that you are the good guy returning his love. Presenting treats during the replacement of your female is highly recomended. Also is there a chance that babies have made the trip? Researching your previous postings Bourbon and I are speculating! Ashjan.

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