Subject: HELP!!!!Barking glider on the loose!!!!!!!
Posted by Joel on September 21, 1999 at 15:38:52 from

ok...i've had my sugar glider now for at least a year and it is totally bonded to me.She never barks, in fact i believe i only heard her bark once or twice and i ignored it. anyway, all of a sudden ever since i started school again my glider, skeezy has been waking me up.I woke up to the sound of her barking continuesly nonstop.I was woried cause i haven't ever heard her bark so continuesly. so i took her out of her cage and held her for a few seconds.Oh yeah it was about 5:00 A.M. then. then i lket her walk around the room for a few seconds and she started to bark again just like before, when it was out of its cage!!! i was real tired so i put her back in the cage and it didn't stop barking until 6:00 A.M. when i get up to school and when she usually goes to sleep. Now she is doing this about every over day and im seriously loosin sleep.I spend at least 1 hour and a half during the night, playing with her.After this incodent i decided to spend more time with her, so i spent 2 hours that night but she woke me up again.What should i do???????!!!!Someone told me to take it out of its cage when it barks in the morning and slowly ween it off, but this sounds completely idiotic to me after reading that most people say to ignore it.I've been ignoring her for a while now and she still wakes me up to her barking.Please give me some suggestions of what to do and whether you base this on personal experience or proffesonal knowledge!!!
Thank you

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