Subject: Diet Update
Posted by Michelle Barnes on September 24, 1999 at 08:06:13 from

O.K. this is my first week and the diet ratios are becoming a little better understood. But, Giz and Shug will not touch the Leadbetters (Ruth's or Bourbon's). I tried mixing with fruit, still no go. I have tried boiled chicken, no go. I have tried boiled egg (chopped with shell), no go. They don't seem to be eating the Brisky's either. I have tried a couple of new things the last couple of days. I chopped the brisky's in my blender (1 oz.) and mixed with chicken/apple babyfood. Shug ate it, Giz wasn't fooled and would not go near it. I cut up crickets, Shug gobbled it up right away. It took Gizmo as few minutes, but then he gobbled up his. I tried smashed tofu mixed in baby applesauce, they both loved it! They seem to favor fruits, grapes, apples, nectarine. I'm still working on it. Any more suggestions????

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