Subject: glider's claws
Posted by Aimee on September 24, 1999 at 14:49:57 from

I am planning to get a sugar glider and have been reading
some articles on the web about the pros and cons
to having a glider.
One of the articles, I forgot who wrote it, mentions that
sugar gliders like to jump onto your face and their claws could
scratch your cornea/eyes leading to blindness. I would like
to find out from sugar glider owners based on their experience
how probable this kind of accident is. If this kind of accident
is quite probable,
how do you deal with the claws without hurting the glider itself ?
I read that some owner had his glider's claws clipped by a vet
and then the glider became crippled or developed some
sort of leg problem. Someone suggested that the claws might
be filed naturally by providing a hanging instrument/beam
with a rough surface in the cage, on which the glider may hang.
Anybody has experience with this? Thank you for your information.

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