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: I am planning to get a sugar glider and have been reading
: some articles on the web about the pros and cons
: to having a glider.
: One of the articles, I forgot who wrote it, mentions that
: sugar gliders like to jump onto your face and their claws could
: scratch your cornea/eyes leading to blindness. I would like
: to find out from sugar glider owners based on their experience
: how probable this kind of accident is. If this kind of accident
: is quite probable,
: how do you deal with the claws without hurting the glider itself ?
: I read that some owner had his glider's claws clipped by a vet
: and then the glider became crippled or developed some
: sort of leg problem. Someone suggested that the claws might
: be filed naturally by providing a hanging instrument/beam
: with a rough surface in the cage, on which the glider may hang.
: Anybody has experience with this? Thank you for your information.

I work in a hospital and have never done corneal surgury on anyone attacked by a glider!! however in the law of probabilities it "could" happen. I'm afraid to clip my guys nails but I've heard sand paper discs made for bird cages work well on glider cage sticks also. My ran across my face once and now i just wear my glasses when i'm with him. My claw marks are mostly on my arms and legs where he runs on me and other than looking like i fought a rose bush they don't bother me, come winter they'll fade when I wear longer sleeve clothes!!!!!

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