Subject: I'm in LOVE!!!
Posted by Glynda on September 24, 1999 at 18:28:52 from

Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have fallen in love!!!! My baby girl was already named: Simona and she is 3 mos. old. The baby boy is just weaned, and we named him Sammy. I just have to tell y'all: I got to see Simona eat a grape, and when she was finished, she dropped the skin and licked each finger individually and my heart just melted!!! It was so cute, and I had to talk about it all day at work, and they are already sick of hearing about my "babies", so I'm glad I can tell you guys!!! If I say, "Guess what my babies did", they are gonna run the other direction!!! One question: before I got them, I got everything for Bourbon's Leadbeater's recipe, but she (the breeder) had them on fruit, veggies, and that IAMS cat food. Should I continue like that, or try to gradually change them? She even gave me a bag of the cat food. Any help would be appreciated.

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