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The diet question is really up to you to answer. Most owners try to offer a varied diet. If you are trying many different fruits and veggies, that is good. However, you need more than one source of protein, which is what the breeder used the Iams for. I would suggest you add the leadbeaters and try some other things as well. Boiled, skinless and boneless chicken, meat baby foods, mealworms and crickets are all good protein sources to try. There are many more good sources of protein, follow the links on the Sugar Glider Info main page to get more suggestions. And, congratulations on your babies! We love to talk about ours too, that's why we are here.

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: Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have fallen in love!!!! My baby girl was already named: Simona and she is 3 mos. old. The baby boy is just weaned, and we named him Sammy. I just have to tell y'all: I got to see Simona eat a grape, and when she was finished, she dropped the skin and licked each finger individually and my heart just melted!!! It was so cute, and I had to talk about it all day at work, and they are already sick of hearing about my "babies", so I'm glad I can tell you guys!!! If I say, "Guess what my babies did", they are gonna run the other direction!!! One question: before I got them, I got everything for Bourbon's Leadbeater's recipe, but she (the breeder) had them on fruit, veggies, and that IAMS cat food. Should I continue like that, or try to gradually change them? She even gave me a bag of the cat food. Any help would be appreciated.
: Glynda

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