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yeah, I don't blame my dog she's caught squirrels before and I guess she just thought thats what Dizzy was. But I do wanna get another glider cuz I already love them so much, I've already talked to a lady that has a baby female for sale but I'm not sure if I'll get her or not.

Jill :)

: Some people are saying you should wait until you're emotionally ready. And that's true. Give yourself time to heal. I know you loved her, so get one when you feel ready.

: Bourbon did ask if you have made adjustments to avoid a repeat perfomance. First of all, I think you should keep in mind that Dizzy dying wasn't your fault, and hopefully Bourbon wasn't implying that. Accidents happen (also I hope you don't hate your's their nature), and some are unavoidable. Second: if you do want to made adjustments to keep the cage closed, try a lot of different methods. Also you might find it advantageous to (if the cage fits) put it up higher where your dogs can't get to it.

: If you decide to get another one, good luck and hopefully you can form as good a bond as you did with Dizzy. Good luck.

: Scott Runnels

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