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Jill before you get another glider you MUST review your setup. You must have pretty severe problems that lead to this nasty problem. Unfortunately you must take this as your fault, somehow you did not protect your glider. Your glider is small and is no match for your larger pets. Either do not mix and match or make 100% sure that you can keep them apart. Yes it was an accident but your Dizzy would be alive and well if she had been adopted by someone with no other pets. As you saw anything less than 100% prevention is just not good enough. A glider is now dead as this problem was not dealt with previously, to prevent another death serious soul searching must be done. We all do such things but must live with our responsibility. I too have had pets that have died from accidents but I have taken the responsibility and learnt hard and well. So please maake sure this never happens again by learning from the sad loss.

: yeah, I don't blame my dog she's caught squirrels before and I guess she just thought thats what Dizzy was. But I do wanna get another glider cuz I already love them so much, I've already talked to a lady that has a baby female for sale but I'm not sure if I'll get her or not.

: Jill :)

: : Some people are saying you should wait until you're emotionally ready. And that's true. Give yourself time to heal. I know you loved her, so get one when you feel ready.

: : Bourbon did ask if you have made adjustments to avoid a repeat perfomance. First of all, I think you should keep in mind that Dizzy dying wasn't your fault, and hopefully Bourbon wasn't implying that. Accidents happen (also I hope you don't hate your's their nature), and some are unavoidable. Second: if you do want to made adjustments to keep the cage closed, try a lot of different methods. Also you might find it advantageous to (if the cage fits) put it up higher where your dogs can't get to it.

: : If you decide to get another one, good luck and hopefully you can form as good a bond as you did with Dizzy. Good luck.

: : Scott Runnels

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