Subject: Re: Please do not put her to sleep!
Posted by Julie on June 19, 2000 at 23:43:00 from

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Sally is on the same diet as my other pair, I feed Brisky's. I sprinkle it with Brisky's Royal Marsupial milk replacement for added calcuim when she is pregnant, up until they quit nursing (at least with the good breeders). My other pair produces beautiful babies.
I would love to give her to someone, but I am in Washington, I need someone in my area. I tried bonding her, I wore her in a pouch, around my neck for weeks, and everyday she hated it more and would bite harder. I won't even try to catch her anymore, it's so stressful to her, and painful for me. She seems stressed all the time as it is, and I sort of figured that was why she was killing the babies, thinking she was protecting them from some nonexistent danger. If someone would like to take her off my hands, they are welcome to her, she's not happy here, and I'm not happy with her eating the babies. I would seperate her and Wocket, but I'm afraid she would be more stressed and lonely. The only reason I haven't put her down is cause I love little animals, and was hoping eventually she would come around, but she just seems to get worse instead of better. She used to take treats from me when she was younger, but won't even anymore. It's why I'm writing here, I'm willing to try anything first........
: The reason most females eat their babies is because of a bad diet. She may be lacking in the added protein and calacium neccesariy to breed healthy babies.

: What diet do you have her on?

: Even if its not diet I do not beleive that she could cause another glider to behave the same.

: I do believe that with time and patience any sugarglider can be a tame pet. Poeple have used Bourbons webpage with wonderful results. If you no longer have the time and patience for her please find her another home. Do not put her to sleep. I would rather take her into my home than have her put to sleep. I know many people that would take her from you.

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