Subject: Re: Sugar Glider vs Flying Squirrel
Posted by Maryse on January 01, 1998 at 17:03:07:

In Reply to: Re: Sugar Glider vs Flying Squirrel posted by Scout on December 01, 1997 at 15:40:47:

I have gliders and flying squirrels and they are both great with immensly opposite personalities. I have a huge walk in multi level cage that takes up about half the room for the gliders-and the same set up for the squirrels.

The gliders are bossier, more curious animals that constantly want to explore their surroundings and the people that they are in contact with (in this case, me). I NEVER force them to be picked up, and have had my animals for about half a year now. The first month was rough-they were insecure (I have 4-on my way to 5). With time, they came to me on their own-and eat from my hands, and climb on my arms and stuff. They don't make their angry noise at me anymore-and come out when they hear my voice.

They have a huge tree trunk with a bunch of branches. The tree trunk has a hollow-but they sleep in their nesting box-at the top level of the cage.

The squirrels are shy animals-but do show some curiosity to my hand feeding them. Although they are still nervous-they will quickly snatch food from my fingers-and munch. They are of a more docile nature. Instead of attacking and making angry noises (like gliders) they will run off and hide in their tree hollow.

Squirrels come out around 6 or 7pm (as soon as it starts getting dark).

The gliders come out around 9 or 10pm, and start barking at about midnight to 3am (sometimes up to 7am).

I love all of my animals because they have there special personalities, but for a fun, less timid animal-the glider is a sure thing.

I don't personally agree with forcing any animal to be held. With consistant contact, gentle voice, and offerings of treats, they soon learn to enjoy your company on their own. 2 of my gliders (I believe) were wild caught-the other two are older babies that the wild ones had (with one on the way). They were given to me by a couple who had purchased them, and thought they had a nasty attitude. It was either-I take them, or they were letting them loose-so I took them. The wild ones are just as curious as the babies (although the babies are obviously alot less scared from the start of me). Now-they are all my little buddies-and although i don't call them by any name-they all seem to anser to "baby" or "my babies".

The squirrels are also wild caught (again-i don't agree with purposly setting out to catch these animals) but the person who had caught them-had them for awhile-took them from their habitat-and did not want them anymore. I took them in-and let them into a huge cage.

One thing i did notice-at first-when i got the gliders (I left them in the cage they came with) large enough for them to live eat and explore, but they resisted much contact i tried to offer them.

As SOON as i placed them in the HUGE walk-in cage(about 7-8 feet high) and 5-6 feet wide-they immediately began exploring-they ate more, and were so much calmer and more curious. These animals come from an area where they have all the space in the world-they need TONS of room-they use up all of the space in the cage at night-exploring.

Good Luck!

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