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In my opinion you have no right being smart with Jane. Also in my other opinion you are too young and irresponsible for a sugarglider. I have read all of your posts including help my baby is dying and it sems to me that you are out just to get attention. I think that when you get a glider you should take it with you and give it undevided attention not just put it in a cage and check on it when you can. It seems to me that your glider is more of a burden to you than anything the way you talk. So I suggest to you to either 1: Get rid of your glider Or 2: Grow up!

: Excuse me, but I have no way of hiring a sitter because I do not trust anyone because they would either take her out to play and she would run away from the stranger or they would do something wrong. I am bringing her with me for 2 days. Then coming back once a day for 2 days to feed her at night. And she is staying alone for one night. She will have catfood that fills her up, a water bottle, dried fruit, some leftover Briskys and other odds and ends. This is an emergency and I have no other choice. I know she will not die because I have left her alone for more than that and she comes back to me barking and just as loveable as before. Actually, she is quite hardy and is fine alone in her huge cage with toys and such. I am sure she will be just fine and I am not worried. I had people email me and said that she would be fine too and that too many people over protect their gliders and think they are SOOO fragile, when they are not, well, mine isnt anyway. Good luck, and if anyone wants to email me please email me @
: Bye for now.
: -jessroo

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