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Bonding ........
Bonding ........
Nov 23 2018
12:05:45 PM
Bonding......... I see a lot of people struggling with bonding. Maybe I'm a bubble off but personally I prefer gliders that are challenging to bond with, I like EARNING IT And this is why.

Once you finally do hit a breakthrough with a 'difficult glider' it's one of the most amazing and rewarding feelings ever!!!

The difficult ones make us learn and grow as a person. The difficult ones have so much to give and teach.

Witnessing positive behavioral changes in the glider is incredible. The 'bond' created with "difficult gliders" is usually on a much deeper level because you have to work through the issues together and the issues aren't always the gliders issues.

I get I'm probably in the minority with this everyone waaaaaaaaants a social, easy to hold and handle glider they don't have to work at........ and I have a couple like that and love their personalities and confidence.

Unfortunately those easy ones raise our expectations (which are usually already ridiculously high as it is ) of all gliders that may enter our lives.

When you are blessed with an easy glider it makes it harder on you and the next glider. It sets the bar higher, so you compare one glider to another, you compare the easy glider to a challenging glider...... that isn't fair to either glider.

The other thing that creates unrealistic expectations of "bonding" are glider forums and glider groups where owners show amazing pictures of them holding a glider. It sets a goal in our minds that our gliders need to be that docile. It makes owners with difficult gliders feel frustrated and sometimes inadequate and even jealous of someone they don't even know or know the history of that glider relationship.

Now I'm not saying those owners shouldn't be proud, I'm saying that you don't know how long it took that owner to achieve that one adorable docile looking pic. You don't know how many hundreds of pictures it took to get those 1 or 2 pictures or how long the glider actually stayed in the owners hand or how many weeks months or even years it took of dedication to achieve that pic.

Please realize every glider to human relationship is different, even when the gliders are in the same colony their level of bond with the human is going to be different. You can not compare one glider to another or one owners bond to another owners bond.

When a 'difficult gliders' confidence starts to grow, a whole new glider emerges. Even when you have a glider you THINK you know well and you THINK you are as far as you can go with bonding that glider will surprise you and go to new heights. They only thing that stops progress is if YOU stop thinking they can.

When you stop thinking there will be anymore progress and this is where your always going to be at with this stop trying to reach new levels or stop seeing that the glider has reached a new level and you are the one behind.

Easy gliders are awesome yes but if that ISN'T your glider don't be discouraged, don't give up on them or yourself. Embrace that it will be a challenge instead of deciding before you start that it's frustrating.

Don't expect the glider to be the only one that has to change their behavior. Gliders react to YOUR actions. IF it's a negative reaction then YOU are the one that has to change how you do things.

Edited by - Leela on Nov 23 2018 12:27:30 PM
Bonding ........

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Sugar Gliders
Bonding ........