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What diet is okay? Is this temporary diet okay?
What diet is okay? Is this temporary diet okay?
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Feb 21 2019
11:32:03 AM
Is this ok as a temporary diet? It's closer to their past diet and I don't want to introduce a new one too fast. I'm going to get them on an actual staple in a week but for now is this good?

-Mushed up boiled egg(no shell, from the chickens on my farm, no pesticides) or live meallies, 3 each(not both of these on the same day)
-Bananas(for some calcium)
-A bit of exotic nutrition pellets in a different small bowl since it does have some vitamins
-Carrots(as a veggie)
-Gerbert mango yogurt(for some more calcium)

Is this ok for 2 gliders? I feed the meallies separate since I want them to get an okay amount of protein. And what would be a good staple that isn't too complicated and doesn't require a massive amount of money? I have 11 gliders that are currently on HPW but when I read up more on it I decided I wanted to change it, I want to make sure I can continuously give them all a reliable diet, I am also a breeder so I need to make sure the staple has a good amount of protein and good nutrients in their diet so they stay healthy, I can't give it to my new gliders aswell since when I tried to add a bit to their temp diet they won't eat eat and just eat the temp food :( Any suggestions?

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Default, miscellaneous
Mar 01 2019
07:58:51 PM
Leela Goofy Gorillatoes Gliderpedia Editor Visit Leela's Photo Album Leela's Journal 2919 Posts
no, that is not an adequate diet even just temporarily.

Meal worms aren't considered a source of protein they are a treat not part of a meal.

Eggs are fine. You can alternate eggs (poached or boiled ) with boiled or baked chicken or turkey (no spices or butter/oil ) or yogurt.

Most gliders don't eat or like banana's if yours do that's ok.

watermelon and carrots are fine. You can also use any melon, grapes, cherries, blueberries, apple, green beans, peas, cucumber, corn occasionally unless your feeding bml then it is part of that over all diet, avoid acidic fruits n veg to often.

Yogurt is ok as long as it isn't 0 fat or have artificial sweeteners and it should be fed without any additional protein ( eggs or meat ) as it is a source of protein itself.

to feed temporarily chose one protein, one or a combo of fruit, one or a combo of veg, then alternate the next night with a different protein fruit n veg and so on. But reallly it would be better if they were on a solid balanced diet that provides better vitamin and minerals so their bodies get what they need especially since they haven't been on a good diet this far.

Most in the glider community wouldn't feed anything from exotic nutrition, the only thing from there for gliders that is good are cages.

Which hpw are you using?

how old are your 2 on the temp diet?

how long have you owned gliders?

how long have you been breeding?

Why don't you want to intro them to a balanced diet to fast?

Personally I would suggest Bml It's affordable, easy to make and serve... for 11 gliders you would want to make more than one batch at a time the recipe feeds one glider for a month... that is if you are feeding 2 tablespoons of it per glider as suggested by the diet creator.

When I was feeding Bml with 11 gliders I made 6 batches at a time and that would last me about a month, obviously I wasn't giving 2 T per glider because it was to much for mine. Bml has been tested, widely used for years and is the most consistent diet used by the community IF you follow the recipe, ingredients, measurements exactly.

What diet is okay? Is this temporary diet okay?

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What diet is okay? Is this temporary diet okay?