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Sugar Gliders
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Joeys, birth, parenthood
Jun 09 2019
03:13:18 AM
We have just obtained two female sugar gliders that are between 8 and 9 weeks old from a local pet store (not related is what we were told) where they probably didn't have the best treatment. The small cage the four females were in had a paper towel, bowl of food and water, and a small landing.

I've been keeping an eye on them over the almost week we've had them, and I notice one is more...I'm going to use outgoing than the other. I notice with thier interactions, one is seemingly mean to the other (stepping on her, climbing on her, sitting on her, and even stealing her snacks).

Tonight, from my room, I heard one of them crabbing. I went out to check each time, and the one is up on the cage and the other is hiding in an old shirt. Twice more it happened, and I came out to find the same. I sat there and waited a bit, and the one hiding started crabbing without the other one around.

I feel like she is doing it because she's lonely, but the other one wants to be moving around, not hiding. Once I put them both in a small pouch, she stopped but I am hearing random hisses.

Not sure if this is just something they do due to age or not, but def don't want the one to be getting depressed because it's hiding all the time.
Joeys, birth, parenthood
Jun 09 2019
09:18:28 AM
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forget about depression, I honestly and strongly feel it's not going
to happen.
We have had up to 15 gliders, now at 8. everyone is different, acts different
and interacts with us differently. Your gliders sound normal.
Crabbing is normal, she is scared and is trying to scare away the bad
thing she can hear, see or smell. Most likely a noise you made is what she
is trying to scare away.
"one is seemingly mean to the other" One is going to be the boss of the
colony. the other will not be. sometimes the boss will be bossy.
stealing snacks is common. climbing and sitting with each other is normal.

Our boss (alpha) will grab one by the head and arm and stretch them until
he can get a good grooming going under the chin.

gliders like darkness, most will hide/sleep during day, come out in darkness
at night. also probably hiding cause they are in a new home.
hissing can be spitting for grooming.

you need big cage, glider safe wheel, healthy diet, toys, treats.
AND to spend some of the evening with them. I go in at night about one hour,
they get some treats and hang with me, then they go back to pouch to groom, sleep.
If they stay out longer, I usually stay with them longer, some nights they all run back into pouch in 30 minutes (one will stay with me usually and sleep) so
then I leave.
bonding can take weeks or months, depending on you and the gliders personality.
some gliders bond quickly and some very very slowly. YOU are a big and scary
human, some gliders have trouble trusting you not to eat them.
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Sugar Gliders
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