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Sugar Gliders
My sugar glider are fighting and I don't know why
My sugar glider are fighting and I don't know why
Aug 20 2019
02:52:11 PM
Hello Sugar glider lovers!
I have an issue with my 3 droll sugar gliders (English is not my first language, so, sorry for my grammar)

So, The first is Oli, a female suggie she is now 1,3 year old.
When we adopted her, after a wile ( 2 moths) we noticed that she is feeling lonely so we decided to bring her a male (Dobby) so she can socialize. They got along just well from the beginning and Oli was happy. BUT Dobby was very antisocial with us, stinky and weird behavior so we send him back and replaced with a female, Leeloo.

What we did not know is that mean time Oli got pregnant and we found out why Dobby was so weird and stinky, he was in heat and to fix all this was to get him neutered.

Anyways, we decided that Oli and Leeloo will stay plus the baby suggie that was on the way. Leeloo was in a separate cage until the new born suggie came out of the pouch and introduced to her slowly over aprox 2 weeks.
The baby suggie ended up being a male and we named him Pikachu, we neutered him so he will not be as stinky and weird as his father and we did not want to mate with Leeloo or his mother Oli.

After we put all 3 together they where fine, they were hissing, snooting, barking and sniffing during the night but it was ok, not that loud so that we alarm our self, we monitored them if they have any injuries or anything. They where fine, and all 3 sleeping together in the same pouch.

In the last month the hissing and sounds are much louder and more intense, and me and my wife realize that something is happening during the night and we started putting Pika with Oli, Pika with Leeloo and Oli with Leeloo to see who is fighting who.
When Oli and Leeloo where together there was no hissing, when Pika was with his mother or Leeloo the hissing and snooting was present.

Now all 3 are together in the cage in hope that they will settle down but yesterday we needed to separate Pika once again because of the loud sounds.

In conclusion, we dont know for sure if they are playing or they are fighting but hearing the intensity of the sounds our intuition says that they are fighting, but we don't know for sure.
What we know is:
- that they have no injuries
- they sleep together almost every night. There are some exception when Leeloo is sleeping in a different location (they have plenty of locations choose where to sleep but they have a favorite place where they are all 3)
- Pika is mostly fighting/playing with his mother Oli but Leello also is not negligeted.

Whoever has more experience with sugar gliders then us, please advise us or enlighten us what is happening.
Why is Pika fighting with the 2 females, what would be the reason? Or is this normal and is nothing to worry about?
Please let me know about your toughs.

Thank you very much in advance
Oli, Leeloo, Pikachu

Aug 21 2019
10:56:52 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1227 Posts
it's very hard to know without seeing them.

I have a colony of 6, gus is the leader, at night he will sometimes chase others,
he is always chattering his teeth (making a clicking noise) at the others.
while he chases the others they make some loud squeaking, but this only lasts
for a few seconds.
In the pouch you can hear some louder noises at times.
and while eating one may want to try to steal food and there can be a small

so without seeing them, its hard to tell if they are making normal social
noises or really having problems being together.

the lack of injuries and death make me think it is more likely just normal
colony socializing.
My sugar glider are fighting and I don't know why

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Sugar Gliders
My sugar glider are fighting and I don't know why