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Sugar Gliders
Joeys, birth, parenthood
Oct 09 2019
04:41:23 AM
I was told by someone who had a colony of 7 that since I didn't get them as babies they won't bond to me like they should and I better rehome them since they won't like me. the female is o.o.p 2016 the male is o.o.p 2018 but I don't won't/want to give them away and I'm not sure what they said is true
Joeys, birth, parenthood
Oct 09 2019
09:37:37 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1298 Posts
I feel they are wrong.
right now I have 6. we have had up to 15 at once.
every glider is different. all of ours have bonded differently.
I feel it is MORE about how you spend time with them, bond with them, treat
them. the more you do the more they will trust and get bonded to you.

We got 2 joeys, the rest are rehomes.
1 joey Gizmo was bonded to my wife, he is friendly and great.
2 joey link got a late start as he was suppose to be the kids, but they didnt
do anything. so I got him friendly and unafraid. but he still tends to run away from being picked up, doesn't bite, comes for treats, and sits with me and riggs
, another glider, at night during visit time.
3 sophie was a rehome, super friendly never crabbed, never bite. will sleep in
your shirt during the day. easy pickup
4 riggs, doesnt bite anymore, skittish, NO pick up will run, but comes and
sits with me during treat time, after will sit with me and Link for the hour or two
at night I spend with them and watch tv.
5. Gus, my little man, adventurous, super friendly, doesn't bite, easy to pick up
always comes to me when I go into glider room. spends lots of time with me but after
tired of treat time he usually explores or goes back to pouch to nap.
6. scarface, she has always been scared, runs from pick up, comes to me for treats, used to bite during pick up, now only very small nip, she knows when I'm trying to pick her up and is quick to run, she is an inpouch crabber ALWAYS. doesnt crab out of the sleeping pouch. will bite and claw her way out of a bonding pouch. BUT the last few months she has made very small steps. I have a glider room, I made glider safe, the large cage stays OPEN 24/7, they have free roam of room, they sleep in
cage and pouch at daytime, but are in different parts of room at night. BUT
scareface rarely ever leaves the cage, even with the doors open, I have found her a few times sleeping with them in areas of the room. the last few weeks she left the
cage for treat time, sat on my leg. also jumped on my shoulder to get to a
mealworm, and last night she jumped to the floor for about 4 minutes.

every glider is different, responds to you differently, can be less afraid of
the GIANT human at different rates.
You talk to them, you feed them treats, you let them get used to you, you
have them in a bonding pouch for an hour or so during the day with your scent.
they will probably be bonded to you enough to make you very happy.
NOTE: gliders are not dogs or cats. they are less likely to curl up with you
and sleep with you, may prefer their cage mate, at night might be more interest
in exploring the area then sitting with you.
sometimes at night I am sitting watching tv with 4-5 gliders on me or around me. other nights after 30 minutes I'm all alone watching tv with most glider
sleeping in the pouch in cage.

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Joeys, birth, parenthood
Oct 10 2019
03:21:25 PM
Aaleyha Starting Member 5 Posts
Thank for the reassurance

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Sugar Gliders