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New gliders
New gliders
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Dec 20 2019
08:22:34 AM
Hi so I have a couple questions.and topics about my new gliders first I will tell you a little about them and then all advise is excepted on them and there care. So I've been wanting gliders for awhile and NEVER have had the before,I have done a lot of research and felt that I could handle taking care of them, So I went on Craigslist and I adopted/rescued a pair of "older gliders" I was told they are between 6-8 which I'm not really sure how honest they are about the age they could be older I'm not sure, also the people said in that Craiglist ad said they are friendley and have owned them for 6 years and they were there babies, but when the gliders showed up to my house I had purchased them with them with there cage and all there toys and pouches and food.wich was disgusting and covered in rust ,and fiecies,it looked like it hasn't been cleaned in awhile the smell of the cage was horrible.the wheel was filled with fiecies ,and there pouch was so dirty it was discolored from the filth in it .there food was basically ensure and some old fruit they gave me . So instantsly could tell these gliders have been neglected and not cared for and I'm basically rescuing them from a bad home that had no time for them. I also have replaced everything I bought a new cage, cage fleece set,new wheel,toys treats all from exotic pet nutrition,I changed there diet to hpw,I bought them a calcium supplement , and fresh fruit and veggies for additional food.The female is very very over weight, so I'd like tips on how to get her more heathy she's also very scared and the more aggressive timid one and the I need tip on how to bring her around I try treats but that doesn't even vase her she tries to bite as soon as I offer a I just let her relax and am giving her time I don't handle her at all .she only come out of the pouch when I'm feeding they will stay out , but everything makes them jump and wanna hide, I keep the room very quiet and not to bright for them. The male if more sweet he will let me pet his back, he takes treats he touches my hand , he never crabs or seems scared just shy which I get. So I think he's fine and will come around I'm just curious about the female because she just wants to attack me and I want her to feel safe and trust me some how.i tried honey on my finger and that didn't work on her either. But I have to also say it's only been three weeks and alot has changed for them. But I want to get there trust and get them to bond with me any tips? Also I bought a bonding pouch .I know there not ready yet but any tips on how to get them to like the bonding pouch ? I really want these guys to like me and us all bond please help. Oh one more thing my male is not fixed . Can they still breed? The last owners said it's been 4 years since there last Joey's and that they don't mate anymore, but since my female is so much fatter then my male I'm curious if she might be pregnant or just really over weight. I know only the basics on gliders.
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Dec 20 2019
12:27:29 PM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1298 Posts
My thoughts,
Ohpw, the powder with eggs and honey, has all the calcium your gliders need.
you do NOT need additional calcium. I would buy powder from or pampered
glider (wombaroo powder)" I have read several places exotic nutritions had some
quality issues. veggies and fruits (great recipes on are PART
of the diet NOT an extra.
I have read ohpw can be a little fattening, keep nightly amount at or below
required amount. it is usually 1 or 2 tablespoons.

I have 6 gliders right now, most are sweet and friendly, only one might give me a small bite out of frustation I dont leave her alone. but each one is different.
you should keep trying with the female, but changes in her behavior will be
slow most likely. so your going to need patience. I would get dried or live
mealworms from petstore, give them to her on a spoon or small plate, so your hands
are farther away. then slowly over the weeks switch to getting your hands closer, or from a low area try to pet her BACK legs or side. (but that is down the road.)

gliders are naturally skiddish, so that may go away some but will not completely
go away, they are nervous nellies. I think its instincts.

during the day I would have room brighter so they know its time to sleep. at
night I give mine a very dim night light.

I would sit with them at night and talk to them some, put in bonding pouch as
the sleeping pouch, so then you can just zip it up and take them out to be with you for an hour or two. later after you start handling them you can go back to a
sleeping pouch.

start slow, but later my may have to push the female a little to get her to
except you.
get them MEALWORMS MEALWORMS MEALWORMs!!! as your treat.
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Dec 20 2019
03:16:44 PM Starting Member 8 Posts
I did notice they don't eat the hpw pellets they pick through it for the fruit bits so I know they don't like it,the female in my opinion looks over weight she's twice as chubby as the male should I watch her food amount or give her the recommended amount? I will give them time ,I like the idea of putting the bonding pouch inside the cage .thanks!

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Dec 21 2019
08:12:51 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1298 Posts
Originally posted by

I did notice they don't eat the hpw pellets they pick through it for the fruit bits

HPW is NOT pellets. you are NOT feeding them hpw.
please go to that will show you what HPW is. (High Protein

whenever I got new rescue/rehome gliders and switched them to OHPW they took
a few weeks to months to really get used to it and eat it all.

1. you can buy from critterlove, I recommend the PLUS, but you need RAW honey
and to make it up then freeze it. our you can buy the instant.

2. you can go to pampered glider website and buy Wombaroo powder from
Australia, buy eggs, raw honey, bee pollen (local health store or online order from
walmart $10 for a jar.) mix it up and freeze like ice cream.
this website has a VIDEO and picture of the fruits and veggies.

I have used OHPW for all the gliders for about 5 or more years.

I don't know about weight loss much, I have one average sized, 2 at 160 grams, one slightly overweight and 2 fatties. Their weight has stayed the same for a few
years now.
New gliders

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New gliders