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Sugar Gliders
Bonding tips needed
Bonding tips needed
Feb 21 2020
07:05:06 PM
I need some tips on bonding with a sugar glider. We have had her for a couple of weeks now and shes still crabbing and biting with us.
Feb 22 2020
06:27:14 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1298 Posts
there are many tricks. I would say number 1 MOST IMPORTANT THING to remember.
some gliders take TIME AND PATIENCE to get tame or bonded.

I have one female that still is not comfortable around us humans, will usually
not bite, but maybe a soft nip, and only comes around for treat time.
I leave the EXTRA LARGE cage doors open in a glider safe room and after about
1 year in this situation she is finally just starting to leave the cage and go to
the other areas of the room the gliders nap at.

I think the biggest bonding thing is putting gliders in bonding pouch and caring
them around during DAYTIME, letting them sleep by your scent and your warmth and
your heart beat. the glider I talk about above, she would just eat at the pouch
and try to get out, not really sleeping just being scared.
put a piece of fleece and sleep with it, rub it all over your sweaty body and
get it scented up good, then put in sleeping pouch, rescent or put in new fleece
every 2 or 3 days.

My favorite thing.
I buy LIVE mealworms, dried are good too, but live the best. I put it on end
of spoon and when glider comes out at night let them have mealie off of spoon.
after a few times they should smell mealie and come out of sleeping pouch to get
the live mealie. if they dont take it at first, give them more time, more tries, and at worst case cut mealie in two and let the glider get taste/smell of insides.
All 15 of the gliders we have had LOVE live mealie after they finally try them.
OK, step two, after a week of so, switch to a shorter mealie holder, I used the
top of the mealie container. this puts your hands closer to the gliders. after a
few days, try to bring your other hand in LOW and SLOW and give the glider a PET on her
BACK LEGS, staying away from the mouth area, making it hard for the glider to stop
eating and bite you.
then next, after some time and seeing the glider get more easy around you and mealie time. make the big jump and hold mealie in your finger tips and see if
glider will take from you and NOT bite you, or you and put on your palm and come in
low and slow and see if she takes mealie without a bite. if you are successful
you should be able to also pet her/him while they eat.
then Last step, put one hand out with the mealie and have the other hand or
forearm in front for mealie, this makes the glider STEP on your arm/skin. this
seems to be a big step, stepping onto YOU without them freaking out, stepping onto
you of their own free will. I slowly advance this step by making them get more
and more on my arm/hand to get at that mealworm. then lastly the glider will
get all the way on you and sit and eat the mealworm.

many other posts about bonding on this site and other glider sites if you want more information
Bonding tips needed

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
Bonding tips needed