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Biting, bonding, life with a glider
Biting, bonding, life with a glider
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Jun 18 2020
01:54:45 PM
Poll Question:
I LOVE sugar gliders, but sadly have'nt met any yet. But I am very interested in learning more!! Gliders are cool and so adorable!

But I've been seeing a lot of people at this website asking for help because their gliders are'nt bonding easily but biting in stead. I love them no matter what, but want to know if they really usually bite a lot at first, how long at first is, if it hurts.. Just thing about this. The info could come in handy some day, I might get some soon, and anyway--I'm soooo curious about them, their one of the best animal species! <3


It hurts a lot, but they give it up pretty fast, and their cute, fluffy faces and strong bond with you is sooo worth it. But seriously, owch.
It does''nt hurt that much, but ohh is it hard to stop them!! My glider took 2-4 months to cut it out!!
OK; it hurts. And OK; they can keep doing it for a while. But they stop pretty fast if you carry them around in a bonding pouch all day--really fast.
Bite? What are you talking about? I''ve seen those posts to, but my gliders where easy peasy to bond.
OH YEAH, DO THEY BITE! Do NOT get any if your sensitive to pain.. yow.
It hurts briefly but stops hurting fastly, and if you do proper bonding they stop in the matter of the first weeks.
It''s impossible to answer, because it depends SOOOOO much on the glider! Some are like "I''m going to eat you alive. NOW!" and some "I would never bite anyone. That''s just mean, what''s the point?" and some somewhere in between. No general, 100% uniqe

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Jun 19 2020
01:35:29 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1298 Posts
me and my wife go to pet store, she feeds the glider a treat, it takes the treat
and gets a taste of her finger bone. she took it like a champion, I would have
cried. so this brings me to point 2.

point 2. about 5+ years now, started with 2 gliders, went to 15, now settled
at a 6 glider colony. I don't think I have ever bleed from a bite. I have gotten
a few hard pinches, some gliders have never bit me. link would ride my arm to refrig.
for live mealworm snack. he loves them, if he finish one and I didn't get another
one fast enough for a few days he would give me a nice pinch on the arm, no blood,
to say, feed me faster! sometimes a glider will smell food on your hand and test
with a small bite, nothing to big or hurtful. scarface does not like humans, she will come for treat then leave to eat, in pouch she will crab at me, and when I pet
her if I put my finger in front of her mouth she will touch her teeth gently to my
skin, like saying "just leave me alone, even if I know you wont hurt me."
gizmo was in ball pit, I grabbed it fast, scared him, he gave me a good bite, no blood.
if with gliders and no socks they will start to lick my feet, very bad tickle, then usually taste with a good nip to taste, on sensitive feet its a wow, "STOP THAT DUDE"

A scared glider crabs, his next defense is bite, if really scared its bite hard. so I dont put my finger in front of a scared gliders mouth, so I don't get blood bites. but they can bite, nip, taste, taste nip etc. from very hard to very soft.
the hard bites can be avoided, just know how scared that glider is.
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Jun 20 2020
03:33:04 AM
Petarus brevicapus fan Joey Petarus brevicapus fan's Journal Norway 22 Posts
Biting, bonding, life with a glider

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Biting, bonding, life with a glider