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Sugar Gliders
Stressing over suggie diet :((
Stressing over suggie diet :((
Food, Diet
Oct 05 2021
08:53:33 PM
Hi Glider community!

Im new here and absolutely love how the forums has helped me with my pair of glider boys thus far. With that being said, I can be a great over thinker. And doing so much research for a suitable diet for them has made me so stressed out!

Unfortunately, where Im from, there are not many available options of glider specific foods like pellets or vitamins that are marketed for gliders. And there is no exotic vet at all. So I definitely must get it right.

Ive had my gliders for about 3 months now. And yesterday, just moved them to a new cage.
Their diets so far has been:
- fresh fruits like watermelon and apples
- frozen fruits like blueberry and raspberry
- frozen veggies like peas, corns, green beans and carrots
- a pinch of glider-cal
- a pinch of wombaroo High protein supplement

I would love to ask for your help to see how I can improve this diet, or if this diet is even good at all (bearing in mind that I wont be able to find much food marketed for gliders unless I purchase online).

The gliders seem fine, and they move around fine as well. But they are not as active as the gliders I see in YouTube videos, jumping around and playing. It could be that by the time they are active, I am already asleep. But I want them to be happy so badly and am so terrified that Im doing something wrong :( please help! Any tips and tricks to taking care of gliders would be amazing as well.
Food, Diet
Oct 06 2021
09:42:07 PM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1301 Posts
Many people love the BML diet. I have never used it.
I found I didn't like making the TPG diet and didn't like it overall, but many
use it.
I started next with critterlove complete. that was good.
I got the wombaroo powder with a pair of rehomes. I made OHPW and the
gliders lived it. it is same as critterlove plus. But my calculations
made the OHPW less expensive. So I gave OHPW for 5 plus years.
I have several fat gliders so I went with the slightly different GOHPW about
1 year ago, this just has some green juice and less raw honey.

so I would recommend.
1. BML
2. Critterlove plus.
3. my favorite OHPW. or GOHPW if you have very large gliders, 200 grams plus.

Note: critterlove plus and OHPW are pretty much the same.
My gliders are less weight these days and thinking of going OHPW my
next batch I make up.
Stressing over suggie diet :((

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
Stressing over suggie diet :((