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Sugar Gliders
They arn't eating their BML
They arn't eating their BML
Food, Diet
Dec 05 2017
06:25:28 PM
Ok so I am on the verge of freaking the heck out and I am beyond frustrated with my gliders and I need to vent!....regardless it is my problem and not actually yeah

I started them on the BML diet 1 week ago and each night there is hardly anything gone except for their fruitsand it seems they dont like blueberries or cherries fresh or frozen but only like honeydew and watermelon and then thats basically all they eatthey may nibble on a veg or two and they dont even eat the corn!!! Everywhere I have looked regarding the BML diet they say gliders LOVE corn! Well.mine dontat least it seems like they dontIDK

It has been a full week and they still havent eaten much of anything AT ALL and one of my girls is loosing weight Still not seeing shaking other than being scaredwhy are they still scared??? They know Im not going to hurt them by now and that I am the only human in the house I really dont want to put them back on their old diet because it was a pretty crappy diet All the breeder gave them was pellets which they never ate once they came to me and sweet potatoes, apples, yogert and apple sauce and I was to sprinkle vitamins on everything

Since you can switch your gliders without having issues Im going to switch back to their old diet at least for a few days because Im worried something might happen..... I know Ill probably get reamed out on this bit but I am currently unable to afford to even take them to a vet.. Notemy gliders were a gift.

I seriously need some advice on the diet thing I didnt expect this much pickyness and The reason I chose BML was because everything eas easily available. I even went and made a second batch to see if the flavoring was what was not liked but they still didnt eat it. And nowgoing back to their old diet is about all I can afford to do.Ill still have the BML in the freezer so in case someone can give me some AMAZING advice that WILL work I can then go back to that.

Also, as a note when I got my cage and starter supplies from Exotic Nutrition it came with the Glider Complete which they didnt eat but like twice and they werent even a little interested in the there is another diet that isnt going to work

I was planning originally to put them on LGRS Suggie Soup but now I cant even afford to buy all those ingredianceand who knows if they will even like it I also got chastised about that diet when I spoke to a breeder who just laughed at me and was like, I dont think thats not a very popular diet UGH

Food, Diet
Dec 05 2017
07:03:24 PM
SuggieMom17 Joey 22 Posts
I am going to give it at least one more night...this time I'm going to mix everything together and put some extra melon in too and hopefully they will eat it.... I still need HELP though.... please
Food, Diet
Dec 07 2017
08:43:18 AM
Leela Goofy Gorillatoes Gliderpedia Editor Visit Leela's Photo Album Leela's Journal 2525 Posts
First, I'd suggest just offering the bml by itself for a few days, once they start eating it then gradually add veg back to the plate when they are eating some of both then add fruit.

Second, not to flip you out, but there may be an underlying health issue that you aren't aware of. I realize you can't afford it but a vet visit and fecal tests would be the wisest thing since they aren't eating and starting to lose weight.

Gliders typically won't just starve themselves simply for not liking a diet if there is weight loss and lack of appetite those are signs of something else going on.

There are many reasons gliders may not eat for a day or two, weather, moon phase, in heat, barometric pressure, lights on, tv on, to much food on the plate etc... the diet change can take some time for them to eat well but usually they will eat enough to maintain their weight even if they don't like the diet. If they aren't eating at all then it's time to look past the diet.

Food, Diet
Dec 08 2017
02:50:24 PM
SuggieMom17 Joey 22 Posts
Here is a bit of an update.... the night I mixed everything hardly anything at all was eaten so I made the decision to go back to what I was originally feeding them... I give them more than just that base diet the breeder gave them so I can figure out what fruits and veg they really like and don't like.

Only one of my girls seemed like she was loosing weight (Zoe) and my other one (Lily) was eating some...Zoe has been eating the last few nights with the old diet and I have been keeping a close eye on her...I have been getting her out every couple of hours to feed her...usually just apple/sweet potato maybe a bit of scrambled egg or boiled chicken.. just to make sure she can regain what was lost and she is always interested in eating what I have even if it's a little. I think maybe she had lost some energy while I had them on the BML and she wasn't eating it because the last night or so she has been ZOOMing around the cage like Lily who can NEVER get enough of the wheel! I know with the fast motabolism and how much energy she puts out she is healthy! Zoe, I can tell has gained as I can't feel her ribs like I did...part of the problem was that with the slight loss of energy she didn't come out of the pouch much which meant she wasn't drinking as much...she NEVER became dehidrated because I checked and when I get her out I always have water near so if she needed it she could drink. I will be getting a grams scale so I can keep track of their weight better.

I did call a vet in my area and they spoke to me without making me pay wich was very nice of them! I explained everything I was seeing and what had been happening and what I was doing now and was told to just keep an eye on it and get a scale and if things don't completely turn around within a weekish time then it will be time to take her in for an exam.

I know I am still VERY new to the whole owning gliders thing and I am doing my best to do the best for them... If I have to take her in it is NO question I will even if I do not have the money...hopefully They could do a credit plan or something as gliders don't need 'regular' check ups like a dog or cat need.

I am definitely going to give the BML another go as soon as Zoe is for sure back to normal as I have a ton of it left in my freezer... I think this time I'll offer it as a side dish to try to get them used to the flavour more without it being their ONLY option... it may just be an squired taste...and I have gliders with much more of a refined taste buds! LOL if that can't be a thing they will like then I'm going to try the TPG Fresh diet which I like so much better and gives a lager variety of fruits and veg and you can give them actual protine and not depend on the yogert...if that doesn't work then it will be LGRS....If I can't find a diet plan out there they athey will eat then I'm going to have SERIOUSLY educate myself on nutrition so I can create something they will eat... I just hope it doesn't go that far cuzthat could REALY be expensive!
Food, Diet
Dec 09 2017
02:27:56 PM
Sugargliderworld Joey 14 Posts
I would still try the hpw if the others dont work the hpw is like a creamy texture looks like wip cream
And the complete diet it has everything they need to stay healthy
INGREDIENTS: dried powdered honey, dried powdered whole eggs, whey protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, ground cereals, powdered bee pollen, maltodextrin, dextrose, lysine, methionine, vegetable oils, flax seed oil, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, choline, inositol, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, natural flavorings.

Vitamin enriched supplemental sugar glider diet with vanilla bean flavoring
Easy-to-feed powdered formula; mixes 2-to-1 with water to form a soft, pudding-textured diet
This product (8 oz.) will make 1.5 lbs. of food once mixed with water
Ingredients include: Honey, eggs, bee pollen, ZooPro high protein supplement, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
Created based on the popular High Protein Wombaroo sugar glider diet used worldwide
Serve fresh daily or freeze into individual portions for weeks of pre-prepared meals
Feed along with fresh fruits & vegetables or with Glider Complete
Instant-HPW is a vitamin-enriched, powdered sugar glider diet that mixes with water to form a soft, pudding-textured food. This diet includes all the major ingredients from the original High Protein Wombaroo diet that is trusted and fed to sugar glider worldwide. Sugar gliders love the vanilla bean flavoring and ingredients including honey, eggs, bee pollen and ZooPro high protein supplement. Amazingly simple to prepare, just mix with water; no more spending mass amounts of money or time feeding your glider. After mixing, HPW can be served fresh or frozen into individual servings using ice trays.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 28.00%, crude fat (min) 1.45%, crude fiber (max) 1.74%, moisture (max) 57%, calcium (min) 0.65%, phosphorus (min) 0.32%, selenium (min) 0.017 ppm, vitamin A (min) 1.60 kiu/lb.

Complete pellet diet
100% natural - no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
High animal-protein pellet is fortified with vitamins, then mixed with 8 varieties of human-grade dried fruit chunks
Additional vitamin & mineral supplements are not required when glider's diet is made up of 75% Glider Complete - veterinarian approved
Ingredients: papaya, pears, golden raisins, pineapple, apples, peaches, blueberries, apricots, honey, & bee pollen
Made in the USA
Exotic Nutrition's Glider Complete is a nutritionally fortified pellet, along with 8 varieties of real fruit chunks! It is now easy to offer your sugar glider a varied diet that contains high animal proteins and fruits, without the hassle of mixing and cutting. Our veterinarian approved high-protein pellet has the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals, providing your sugar glider with exactly what is needed for proper growth and development. Some of the diversified ingredients in Glider Complete include papaya, pears, golden raisins, pineapple, apples, peaches, blueberries, apricots, honey, and bee pollen. See below for full product ingredients and analysis.

Glider Complete 28 oz. will feed one sugar glider for about 3 weeks.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Offer 2 tbsp of Glider Complete to your pet daily. Adjust the amount to ensure your pet's optimum body weight (free choice for pregnant or lactating females). Provide Instant-HPW to vary the diet. Offer approximately tbsp of HPW per day, or ice cube if frozen. Additional vitamins are not neccessary if your glider's diet is made up of at least 75% Glider Complete. Do not leave moistened food out for more than 12 hours, change out pellet food every 24 hours. Always provide fresh drinking water to your sugar glider.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store bag in a cool, dry place (under 72 degrees). Refrigeration is highly recommended to retain full nutritional value. We recommend storing the bag of food in the refrigerator, taking out enough food for a week and keeping it in a sealed airtight container, and then refilling container with the refrigerated food. If storing bag for longer than 8 weeks, refrigerate (up to 6 months). If storing for longer than 6 months, freeze (up to 12 months). Do not frequently expose food to a freeze/thaw cycle.

INGREDIENTS: soybean meal, apple, beet pulp, bloodmeal, ground roasted soybeans, blueberries, broccoli, honey, raspberries, pure bee pollen, dried apple, dried papaya, dried pears, golden raisins, dried pineapple, dried peaches, dried apricots, cane molasses, corn gluten meal, calcium carbonate, mono di-calcium phosphate, salt, eucalyptus, yeast culture, l. acidophilus, s. faecium, s. cerevisiae, choline chloride, vitamin e supplement, copper sulfate, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, colbolt proteinate, thiamine monoitrate, vitamin a supplement, vitamin d-3 supplement, vitamin c supplement, zinc oxide, biotin, folic acid, niacin supplement, pyridoxine hcl, dehy alfalfa meal, pantothenic acid, riboflavin supplement, vitamin b-12 supplement.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 31.5%, crude fat (min) 3.5%, salt (max) 1.4%, crude fiber (max) 3.6 %, moisture (max) 13.5%, calcium (min) 1.83%, calcium (max) 2.3 %, phosphorous (min) 1.16, vitamin A (min) 10,000 iu/lb.
They arn't eating their BML

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Sugar Gliders
They arn't eating their BML