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Sugar Gliders
Rescued a malnourished Sugar Glider in Beijing. Looking for advice
Rescued a malnourished Sugar Glider in Beijing. Looking for advice
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Feb 13 2018
08:36:56 AM
My name is Cormac and I run a small rescue in Beijing, China.
Today I rescued my first glider. It is male and according to a breeder I know malnourished. Unfortunately, as I live in China, no one really knows how to help me move forward and I am looking for advice

Here is some basic background information about me and the glider
I run a small rescue in Beijing. Mostly I focus on dogs, cats, and wild birds that I heal and release. I have been working with animals for many years, but I have never had a glider before.

The sugar glider is male. He is alone and has been alone for a while
For the last six months he has essentially been living in cold room. They were only feeding him apples and dry milk powder which explains why he is malnourished
Not sure about age, but he has a bald spot on his head and really big male genitalia (Beijing doesn't have a vet that can neuter gliders)
He is not friendly. Screeches when I come near him
When I picked him up, today his cage and him were covered in feces, as he wandered his cage I noticed that he is covered in his own waste

So as you can tell, the poor little guy is not in good shape

Here are my basic questions for anyone to help me?

1. How can I get him back in shape. What fruits, vegetables, etc would you give him to increase his nutrition? What would he prefer to eat?
I bought dry pellets for gliders, fed him some canned chicken for cats, gave him goat milk power, mealworms, apples, and some bok choy once i got him. He mostly ate the apple though and nibbled some of the other things
2. I know gliders dont like to live alone. As a recuse, we never buy animals (and to buy a glider here would be about 300-500 USD) What can I do to keep him happy at this time as a temporary measure
3. Is there any chance he will become friendly with time? Right now he seems really angry and unhappy
4. He is pretty dirty. I have cleaned his cage and will transport him to a larger cage soon. In the meantime is there anyway I can help him get cleaner (like should i offer him a dust bath?)
5. I have read all the websites, read this forum, etc to gather as much information as possible, but any advice people think I should know would be nice
6. Most likely if he stays mean I will never be able to adopt him out. What should I prepare for to make him happy. Like I said earlier, buying a glider is not an option I support (the animal trade in China is infamously terrible) any suggestions would be helpful. For example would a stuffed animal in his cage help (works for quite a few other animals)

Thank you anyone for any opinions, advice, suggestions, etc
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Feb 13 2018
10:40:32 AM
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1. has 4 salad mixes that provide a good nutritional diet. Plus they need some protein, with critterlove that is with the critterlove/HPW mix. A different one is BML diet.
You could temporary give some hard boiled egg or chicken, but dont remember chicken way to cook, either boiled or broached?
canned food tends to have sugar and salt added...BAD over time.

2. Your glider will be fine alone, would he be happier with a friend.. sure, but many owners have one glider that do fine. we rescued connor after his cagemate had passed and owners gave up on him. He is vet approved healthy, active, and slowly getting friendly.
- most gliders love to run in a wheel, glider safe wheel is important.
- treats placed around cage in forage cups make him explore to find food.

3. I think your glider can become friendly over time, but TIME is the key, you need to do your part to try and be bonded, and you need to give him time to (most likely) slowly bond to will probably take MONTHS!!!
to start. dont feel like you need to pet him or grab him, just feed him treats with a spoon so he doesn't need to bite you, work to where you can feed him a treat with your fingers without getting bite, sometimes make him come towards you for the treat. later see if you can feed him a treat and just leave your hand next to him without even touching him, he should sniff your scent and eat his treat.
he will crab and crab and crab... that is ok, its what he does like a dog barking... someday he may stop..but for your gliders that is far away.

4. glider shouldn't get wet, they NEED their body heat. I would take a towel or paper towel, wet it with warm water, then try to squeeze out as much water as possible...with slightly damp towel wipe him off some, you dont need to get him clean all in one try, dont use baby wipes or chemicals. He should start cleaning himself if he has a clean cage and pouch.

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Rescued a malnourished Sugar Glider in Beijing. Looking for advice

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Sugar Gliders
Rescued a malnourished Sugar Glider in Beijing. Looking for advice