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Sugar Gliders
Instant HPW
Instant HPW
Food, Diet
Nov 01 2022
08:31:22 AM
Hey all, I am new here me and my wife just got 2 sugar gliders.We got them exotic nutrition instant HPW , glider-booster,and glider-cal.I am wondering if we should add the booster and calcium to the instant hpw powder or does it already contain enough.Thanks
Food, Diet
Nov 01 2022
04:03:59 PM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1301 Posts
I highly recommend switching to the OHPW version of this. slightly harder to make, need raw honey, but is the SAME THING, just not instant. ALSO I recommend the version of instant WAY MORE then exotic nutrition.

1. people have complained about the quality of exotic nutrition's version.
2. critterlove version sold extensively AND by many other places but usually
repackaged. IE pocket pets.
3. I started with instant, then got the wombaroo powder with a new set of rehomes.
so I made it up instead of wasting it, the gliders LOVED it, would not eat
the instant if OHPW was available.
4. some have posted statements questioning the quality of instant as far as the
chemicals needed to dry the honey and eggs into a powder... some K chemical.

Finally to answer your question.
I received information that the Critterlove version of OHPW/instant from
maker peggy brewer, that all the calcium and vitamins the gliders need is in
the instant ALREADY..along with the required fruits and vegetables on the side.
I have used wombaroo high protein powder mixed into OHPW for all 7 or 8 years
I have had my gliders.
Food, Diet
Nov 04 2022
01:55:57 AM
Anubis Starting Member 2 Posts
Hey Thank you so much for your reply, Unfortunately where i live i cant find the wombaroo or critter love brand the only available brand is the exotic nutrition i was going to make the bml diet , but couldnt find the rep cal supllements for it only have the exotic nutrition here.They do not touch the instant hpw they refuse to eat it and only eat the papaya or other fruits.we dont know how to get them to eat it
Food, Diet
Nov 28 2022
11:41:55 AM
alyssajordan05 Joey Visit alyssajordan05's Photo Album 25 Posts
Did you try the wombaroo dot com website? I believe they sell the powder there. It comes in a blue box, you can order it online and have it shipped to you directly. The other ingredients are typically easy to find in your supermarket, with the exception of bee pollen which I found on Amazon. I make mine and freeze it, it lasts about 6-8 weeks for me.

2 Cups Warm Water
1.5 Cups Honey
3 Scrambled Eggs(can cook in microwave or stovetop)
1/4 Cup High Protein Wombaroo Powder (Increase to 1/2 cup for pregnant/lactating females.)
1 Tablespoon Bee Pollen

Cook Eggs, set aside.
In a large bowl mix warm water and honey until the honey dissolves.
Add in the Wombaroo High Protein Supplement and mix well.
In a blender, blend eggs, bee pollen, and 1 cup Wombaroo High Protein Supplement mixture for two minutes.
Add remaining Wombaroo High Protein Supplement mixture to blender and blend for two minutes.

Pour the HPW diet mixture into a freezer safe container or ice cube trays and freeze. It freezes to a soft consistency that is easily scooped nightly.
Nightly Feeding(per glider):
1.5 Teaspoon of Original HPW
1 Tablespoon of mixed Fruit
1 Tablespoon of mixed Vegetables
Instant HPW

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Sugar Gliders
Instant HPW