After The Neuter

Here are suggested steps to follow after a neuter:


  1. Always use a COLLAR when the testicle sac is left in place. The pain meds will make it numb and the animal will easily chew it off if there is no feeling there.
  2. The animal will fight the collar for awhile which will disturb you, but do not take it off. The animal will soon tire and end up just sitting there looking perturbed.
  3. Since it will not be able to use its hands, do not feed it normal food. Feed yogurt only and hold the water bottle to the mouth so it can drink. Fasting overnight will be good for the animal as it will have less energy to expend and will stay still.
  4. I recommend keeping the animal in a tiny or portable/travel cage overnight. With the collar on it will be dangerous if it tries to climb. Make a nice bed to lay on and perhaps a half open pouch or a few blankies to keep warm if desired.
  5. I will leave a bright light on all day and night so the animal will want to stay still and juts sleep it off.
  6. Around noon the next day you can remove the collar and offer some food right to the face. You want to distract the animal from fixating on the testicle area once it gains its freedom from the collar.
  7. He will begin to groom the testicle sac. There is no avoiding it. You will most likely see him grab the sac and essentially stretch it over his head. This is normal. He will groom on it, probably chew off some of the glue but he will slowly begin to groom around and then further out and just get into a standard overall groom. This is normal and good. You are probably safe at this point.
  8. If he spends far too much time on the testicle sac and if you see him chewing on it or opening it, then you should put the collar back on and try it another day.

IF TESTICLE SAC IS REMOVED (most procedures)

  1. You may not need the collar since there is nothing left to mess with, but many suggest it until the pain meds wear off.



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Last Edited March 26, 2013