Bumble Bees at Risk, While Others Thrive
Sharks Along Florida Coast Cause Beach Closures
The Earliest Dogs: Photos
Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled For the First Time
Half of Africa's Lions May Go Extinct in 40 Years
Gray Whale Recovery Fuels Whalewatching Success
Penguins Wear a Shield of Cold Air in Winter
Enormous Prehistoric Camel Roamed Arctic
Africa 'Hemmorhaging Elephants' at Record Rate
Bugs Make Art: Photos
Nearly 3,000 Wild Great Apes Stolen Each Year
Bulldog Accidentally Shoots Owner
Nut-Cracking Monkeys Show Human-Like Skills
U.S. Judge Labels Anti-whaling Group 'Pirates'
Shark Relative Had Buzz Saw Mouth
Food Stamps, Now for Pets
Big Birds Sing Like Barry White
Is Pollution Shrinking Otter Penises?
Vampire Bats Suck Blood of Baby Penguins
Spidey Silk Can Actually Halt a Train

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Dramatically dynamic genomic evolution of a mighty mite
New frog species discovered in India's wastelands
Where males sense females in plants
Researchers rediscover Aquilaria rostrata thought to have become extinct
Stable environmentally friendly polymer coatings inhibit surface buildup of bacterial and marine organisms
Seeing the light: Army ants evolve to regain sight and more in return to surface
Modern corn hybrids more resilient to nitrogen stress, crowded planting conditions
We've got your number: Tracing the source of invasive Japanese beetles
Key step in process of Shigella infection identified
First microwhip scorpion from Mesozoic period found in Burmese amber
Vision restored in rabbits following stem cell transplantation
The benefits of food processing: Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution
Overfishing devastates spawning aggregations
Battling the blight
Potential antibody treatment for H7 avian flu
'Big data' drills down into metabolic details
Real-life 'aliens' extremely efficient at turning their hosts into new parasites
Boosting fat-burning by blocking Gq proteins
More social insects have weaker immune response, highlights role of hygiene
The turbot: Vertebrate genes give clues into disease resistance
Scientists closer to finding key to converting algae to biofuel
Gene protects against toxic byproducts of photosynthesis, helping plants to 'breathe'
Gut bacteria help cabbage fly survive toxins
Cell insights shed light on everyday process of renewal, repair
Decline of crocodile ancestors was good news for early marine turtles
Bats in Asia found to have resistance to white-nose syndrome fungus
Scientists call for a shake-up in the way we record biodiversity
Fifteen shades of photoreceptor in a butterfly's eye
How an artificial protein rescues dying cells
Welfare recipients seen as immoral for buying ethical products
Researchers develop coatings to reduce ham mites, protect ozone layer
Chew on this: Study of ancient teeth bites theory of early primate disappearance
Bird communication: Chirping with syntax
Slower evolution and climate change drove ichthyosaurs to extinction
Brain activity of nematodes seeking food offers new view on sleep
Eastern US forests more vulnerable to drought than before 1800s
Inside the mouth of a hydra: Hydra rips its own skin apart just to open its mouth
Mow less along highways, preserve pollinators, researchers say
Plant photosynthesis inhibited by bacterial ancestor
Shark babies remain strong in future acidic oceans
Zorro, the new Latin American fish species, takes off the mask to show its true identity
Drug-resistant genes spread through environment, not meat products
Anti-bacterial fabric holds promise for fighting superbug
Can butterflies cope with city life? Butterfly diversity in Kuala Lumpur parks
An easier path to treating malaria
Ant colonies that are highly specialized have lower chances of survival when sudden changes occur
Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple
First tomatoes, peas harvested on Mars, moon soil simulant
Scientists uncover history of ancient viruses as far back as 30 million years ago
Radical change projected for northern forests is rooted in past, current management
Increased education could help adolescents limit caffeine consumption
Bacterial brawls mark life in the gut's microbiome
Treeing it up: Research team documents design of wood-based polymers
Legionnaires' disease: New drug class offers potential new treatment for lethal bacteria
Variation in medical marijuana program regulations impacts enrollment
Dinosaur-like lower leg created on bird through molecular experiment
Collective memory discovered in bacteria
Leaf mysteries revealed through the computer's eye
Potential Western Atlantic spawning area found for Atlantic bluefin tuna
Songbirds pinpoint effects of Huntington's disease

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10,000 endangered frogs die in Peru
Endangered black rhino born at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines
David Rosenfelt returns with 'The Twelve Dogs of Christmas'
David Attenborough calls for peepholes in zoos
This Dolphins Bro Harassing A Random Steelers Fan Might Be The World's Worst Fan
3,500 dogs, owners march in Spain against animal cruelty
As marine parks scale back, dolphin exhibit opens in Arizona
Hungary's anti-migrant fence disrupts wildlife habitats
Woman mauled by tiger to sue Beijing wildlife park
London Zoo: Escaped gorilla back in enclosure; no one hurt
Gorilla briefly escapes its London Zoo enclosure
TripAdvisor says it's taking a stand on animal exploitation
Welcome Ajabu! Dallas Zoo unveils male baby elephant
'Drone doctors' are helping bring whales back from brink of extinction
To save human lives, U.S. hurricane shelters protect pets, too
A bit wild: Asian animal cafes go from mere cats to meerkats
Iceblocks for elephants as Sydney's zoo turns 100
Meet Granddad: Weird, Ancient Reptile Gave Rise to Mammals
The 'big five' decisions at CITES wildlife trade meeting
World wildlife talks end with tighter conservation rules
Preview: November's biggest games - 'Call of Duty,' 'Watch Dogs 2,' 'Pokmon Sun & Moon'
Factbox: Decisions made at U.N. meeting on wildlife trade in South Africa
Vienna zoo appeals for help to name panda cub
Butterfly photobombs koala at Australian wildlife park
Decisions made at U.N. meeting on wildlife trade in South Africa
Top African wildlife park looks to villages to stop poachers
Ivory trade vote exposes divisions on saving elephant
Namibia, Zimbabwe fail to get U.N. permission to export ivory
Pangolins, the world's most trafficked mammals, get major boost in battle against extinction
UN wildlife conference bans trade in African grey parrot
7 bee species listed as endangered for the first time in U.S.
Feds list 7 Hawaii bee species as endangered, a first in US
Spectacular Football Failures: Remembering Those Wonderfully Bad 2007 Miami Dolphins
The Internet Tore Apart The Miami Dolphins' Hideous All-Orange Color Rush Unis
Native American tribes in Canada, U.S. to sign treaty to protect Yellowstone grizzlies
Internet star Grumpy Cat to join a Broadway show _ 'Cats'
1 lion recaptured, 1 killed after escape at German zoo
Bumblebee Set to Become Officially Endangered
Dead whales beached in Chile, climate change suspected
No more trade in endangered pangolins, U.N. meeting decides

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State Fair Goes To The Dogs
Pet Blog: Pet-A-Palooza!
Pet Blog: Spotlight On Mike Binkleys Dog Coach
Pet Blog: Beer With Your Buddy
Pet Blog: Watching Your Pet While Away
MN Company Invents Video Chat For Pets
Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Dog Breed?
Dogs & Owners Feeling The Burn Together
Dog Takes Up Motherly Duties For Abandoned Kitten
Pick-A-Side: Which Is The Cutest Puppy?
Be A Part Of Pet-A-Palooza!
A Chubby Pet Could Be A Big Problem
Free, Low-Cost Spay And Neuter Surgeries For Mpls. Pets
The Secrets Of Dog Communication
A Guide To A Family Friendly St. Patricks Day
Family Guide To Discovering Downtown St. Paul

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Wildlife Extra News :

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Can Road Salt Change Sex Ratios in Frog Populations?
102 Million Trees Have Died in California's Drought
Study Shows Climate Affecting Avian Breeding Habits
Ammonia-rich bird poop cools the atmosphere
Canadian and European boreal forests differ but neither is immune to climate change, says U of T researcher
Why do seabirds eat plastic?
Study reveals 82% of the core ecological processes that underpin ecosystems and provide services to people are now affected by climate change

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