Bumble Bees at Risk, While Others Thrive
Sharks Along Florida Coast Cause Beach Closures
The Earliest Dogs: Photos
Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled For the First Time
Half of Africa's Lions May Go Extinct in 40 Years
Gray Whale Recovery Fuels Whalewatching Success
Penguins Wear a Shield of Cold Air in Winter
Enormous Prehistoric Camel Roamed Arctic
Africa 'Hemmorhaging Elephants' at Record Rate
Bugs Make Art: Photos
Nearly 3,000 Wild Great Apes Stolen Each Year
Bulldog Accidentally Shoots Owner
Nut-Cracking Monkeys Show Human-Like Skills
U.S. Judge Labels Anti-whaling Group 'Pirates'
Shark Relative Had Buzz Saw Mouth
Food Stamps, Now for Pets
Big Birds Sing Like Barry White
Is Pollution Shrinking Otter Penises?
Vampire Bats Suck Blood of Baby Penguins
Spidey Silk Can Actually Halt a Train

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Salmonella-infected mice that were given antibiotics became superspreaders
Built-in billboards: Male bluefin killifish signal different things with different fins
Fish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fish
Secrets of dinosaur ecology found in fragile amber
Mediterranean, semi-arid ecosystems prove resistant to climate change
Fish just want to have fun, according to a new study that finds even fish 'play'
Breathing sand: New measurement technique detects oxygen supply to bottom of North Sea
Scientists create possible precursor to life
Origins of sex discovered: Side-by-side copulation in distant ancestors
Blind cave fish may provide insight on eye disease, other human health issues
Fish intake associated with boost to antidepressant response
Later supper for blackbirds in the city: Artificial light gives birds longer to forage for food
In between red light and blue light: New functionality of molecular light switches
Pediatric allergology: Fresh milk keeps infections at bay
Structure of an iron-transport protein revealed
New molecule from herb discovered, potential for drug development
Imaging electric charge propagating along microbial nanowires
Mutation associated with cleft palate in humans, dogs identified
Scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa revealed
Breeding soybeans that can tolerate heat, drought
Climate change alters cast of winter birds
Scientific breakthrough will help design antibiotics of the future
'Red effect' sparks interest in female monkeys
New data about endangered marsh harrier distribution in Europe
Cystic Fibrosis lung infection: Scientists open black box on bacterial growth
Plastic nanoparticles also harm freshwater organisms
High-speed evolution in the lab: Geneticists evaluate cost-effective genome analysis
Cellular self-destruct program has deep roots throughout evolution
First detailed map of aboveground forest carbon stocks in Mexico unveiled
How a molecular Superman protects genome from damage
Cells' powerhouses were once energy parasites: Study upends current theories of how mitochondria began
Sugared soda consumption, cell aging associated in new study
'Paradigm shift' in understanding of potassium channels
Loss of big predators could leave herbivores in a thorny situation
To wilt or not to wilt: MicroRNAs determine tomato susceptibility to Fusarium fungus
Staph 'gangs' share nutrients during infection
Resveratrol boosts spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome
MicroRNA molecules serve as on/off switches for inflammation
Impact of offshore wind farms on marine species
That pregnant feeling makes a fly start nesting
Cell architecture: Finding common ground
Are male brains wired to ignore food for sex? Nematode study points to basic biological mechanisms
Amphibian communities collapse in wake of viral outbreak
Male and female brains aren't equal when it comes to fat
Human genetic research uncovers how omega-6 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol
Jet lag can cause obesity by disrupting the daily rhythms of gut microbes
Sperm wars: New insights from evolutionary biology
Trigger for crucial immune system cell identified
Misfolded proteins clump together in a surprising place
Shrinking resource margins in Sahel region of Africa
Evidence for huge mountains that fed early life discovered
Some rice-based foods for people with celiac disease contain relevant amounts of arsenic
Turning humble seaweed into biofuel
Plant communities produce greater yield than monocultures
Diabetic sweetener obtained from tropical tree
Follow the leader: Insects benefit from good leadership, too
Informative visit to the toilet, for lemurs
Microfossils reveal warm oceans had less oxygen
Weight gain study suggests polyunsaturated oil healthier option
Canary for climate change: How past extinctions have influenced modern distribution, population size of existing species

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Disaster Planning With Pets in Mind
Killer Whales Learn How to Speak Dolphin
Boy mauled by jaguars at Arkansas zoo in critical condition
Child Injured After Falling Into Jaguar Pit at Little Rock Zoo
Crews battle fog to search for missing Seattle hiker and her dogs
German hunters angered by proposed ban on shooting cats
Chinchilla farmer sues PETA, Hollywood mogul's foundation for libel
Questions and answers on dogs and Ebola risks
Dogs, hogs and dairy cows: 'Animal pharm' catches Wall Street's attention
More than 50 sperm whales spotted off California
Exclusive: Peter Fonda To Guest Star on NBC's The Blacklist
Proposal to protect fisher cites pot farm threat
Orioles complete division sweep of Tigers
Baseball-Orioles complete division sweep of Tigers
Orioles complete sweep of Tigers to reach ALCS
Baseball-Orioles complete sweep of Tigers to reach ALCS
Orioles tame Tigers with eighth inning burst
UPDATE 1-Baseball-Orioles tame Tigers with eighth inning burst
To Protect Whales, U.S. Diplomacy Needs Teeth (Op-Ed)
Baseball-Orioles tame Tigers with another eighth inning burst
US reduces Indonesian debt in exchange for wildlife protection
Orioles beat Tigers in first game of playoff series
Baseball-Orioles beat Tigers in first game of playoff series
Baseball-Orioles beat Tigers in first game of best-of-five series
Half of Earth's Wildlife Lost Since 1970, Report Finds
World's first microbe 'zoo' opens in Amsterdam
Protected areas offer glimmers of hope for wildlife
Dolphins Can Sense Magnets, Study Suggests
Wildlife populations plummet for 3,000 species
Wildlife numbers halved over past four decades: WWF
Global wildlife populations down by half since 1970: WWF
Cardinals, Tigers win divisions; playoff matchups set
Dolphins rout winless Raiders in NFL return to London
Xbox One/PS4/PC Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Gets Gameplay Trailer
California woman attacked by bear while walking dogs
Harpist's mellow tone soothes apes at St. Paul zoo
Everything you need to know about Sleeping Dogs' arrival on PS4 and Xbox One
Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Probably Not Coming to Wii U
What to Watch Tonight: The Premieres of Black-ish, South Park, SVU, Survivor, Nashville, and Key & Peele
Sleeping Dogs Dev "Would Love" to Make a Sequel

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State Fair Goes To The Dogs
Pet Blog: Pet-A-Palooza!
Pet Blog: Spotlight On Mike Binkleys Dog Coach
Pet Blog: Beer With Your Buddy
Pet Blog: Watching Your Pet While Away
MN Company Invents Video Chat For Pets
Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Dog Breed?
Dogs & Owners Feeling The Burn Together
Dog Takes Up Motherly Duties For Abandoned Kitten
Pick-A-Side: Which Is The Cutest Puppy?
Be A Part Of Pet-A-Palooza!
A Chubby Pet Could Be A Big Problem
Free, Low-Cost Spay And Neuter Surgeries For Mpls. Pets
The Secrets Of Dog Communication
A Guide To A Family Friendly St. Patricks Day
Family Guide To Discovering Downtown St. Paul

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Wildlife Extra News :
Olivia Newton-John adopts moon bear
Specialist Nairobi team will help tackle wildlife crime
California's pumas threatened by urbanisation
Possible new whale species could be the world's most endangered
Bosnian Mountain Horse herd grows in the Velebit Mountains
Dorset records largest flock of spoonbills ever seen in Britain
Bad breeding year for Cumbria sea birds
Possible disease outbreak kills bison in Romania
ADI's award-winning film Lion Ark goes global
Rare Spectacled Bear found in new Ecuador reserve
Ecuadoran Río Canandé reserve extended by purchase of 1,200 acres
Penguins' personalities could help them cope with climate change
Highly destructive mussel threatens Britain
MasterChef Vietnam broadcasts contestant killing a tortoise
First ever evidence of two dolphin species cross breeding
Shooting match: The great grouse debate
Gamekeeper found guilty of poisoning eleven birds of prey
Three bears rescued from poachers are doing well
Britain's rarest freshwater fish could be making a comeback
Will Britain's garden birds stay for winter?
Traumatised Gaza lions are given a new home in Jordan
The world stands up for rhinos and elephants
New tract of Mexican cloud forest is now protected
Quebec's whale population faces catastrophe
Change for US aquariums
Colours of the Crimson Rosella parrot reveal a deadly secret
Has the California blue whale population made a complete recovery?
Newly discovered Brazilian bird species is endangered
The Great Barrier Reef is becoming more fragile
New study finds dolphins may be attracted to magnets
Human casualties mount in Indian tiger corridor
World wildlife populations have declined by half since 1970

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Fly genome could help us improve our health and environment
Why Cat Poop is Bad News for Sea Otters
Fish Forced Poleward
The danger to birds from open pipes
Elephants worth more alive, than when they are poached for ivory
First Hookworm Vaccine Passes Brazilian Safety Trial
Sea Turtles in Hawaii getting tumors and we are the cause

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