Bumble Bees at Risk, While Others Thrive
Sharks Along Florida Coast Cause Beach Closures
The Earliest Dogs: Photos
Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled For the First Time
Half of Africa's Lions May Go Extinct in 40 Years
Gray Whale Recovery Fuels Whalewatching Success
Penguins Wear a Shield of Cold Air in Winter
Enormous Prehistoric Camel Roamed Arctic
Africa 'Hemmorhaging Elephants' at Record Rate
Bugs Make Art: Photos
Nearly 3,000 Wild Great Apes Stolen Each Year
Bulldog Accidentally Shoots Owner
Nut-Cracking Monkeys Show Human-Like Skills
U.S. Judge Labels Anti-whaling Group 'Pirates'
Shark Relative Had Buzz Saw Mouth
Food Stamps, Now for Pets
Big Birds Sing Like Barry White
Is Pollution Shrinking Otter Penises?
Vampire Bats Suck Blood of Baby Penguins
Spidey Silk Can Actually Halt a Train

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Low-dose THC can relieve stress; more does just the opposite
Scientists launch global agenda to curb social, human rights abuses in seafood sector
Details of Lassa virus structure could inform development of vaccines, therapies
Molecular system for artificial photosynthesis
Mice will help reveal the roles of human brown fat
Eco-label in exchange for less chemicals on rice fields
Red light has no effect on bat activity: Less disruption by changing artificial color
Bacteria used as factories to produce cancer drugs
Forensic chemical analysis of wood could stop illegal logging
Papua New Guinea expedition discovers largest trees at extreme altitudes
New therapeutic attack point: Scientists find off-switch for the mTor complex
Spanish Plant misclassified for 176 years
The part of rice we don't eat may be highly nutritious
Ethnicity and breastfeeding influence infant gut bacteria
A better dye job for roots -- in plants
Stony corals more resistant to climate change than thought
Tuberculosis bacterium may undermine immune regulation to drive disease progression
How the Galapagos cormorant lost its ability to fly
New insights into how the Zika virus causes microcephaly
Researchers uncover clues about how HIV virus mutates
Neuroscientists rewire brain of one species to have connectivity of another
Why antibiotics fail
Sour taste cells detect water
Closing in on the secret of possible new enzymes
Scientists discover a new way to target drug-resistant bacteria
Big fish in big trouble in Europe
Steep declines in Kauai's seabird populations, radar reveals
Dual role of fruit fly protein in connecting chromosome copies
Gene finding to eradicate severe blistering disorder of the skin found in dogs
Gut microbiota plays a key role in treatment with classic diabetes medication
Key process for cell division revealed in molecular analysis
New step in plant mastermind hormone's pathway revealed
A brave new world for coral reefs
Researchers untangle mystery of tiny bird's trans-Pacific flight
Subsidies promote overfishing and hurt small-scale fishers worldwide
New discovery: Cormorants can hear under water
Tourists risk animal bites by misreading wild monkey facial expressions as 'kisses'
AI system to diagnose pain levels in sheep
Secret of sperm's 'bendy' tail revealed
Newly identified microbial process could reduce toxic methylmercury levels
Like chimpanzees, humans may console victims of aggression out of empathy
Budgerigars can identify spoken sounds without prior exposure to human speech
Nathusius and Soprano bats are attracted to green light
Decoded genome may help Mojave Desert tortoise win race to survive
Bed bugs: Proactive pest management critical in multi-unit housing
Outnumbered and on others' turf, misfits sometimes thrive
We're on the brink of mass extinction -- but there's still time to pull back
How Shigella survives the gastrointestinal tract
Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment
Horses masticate similarly to ruminants
Cold conversion of food waste into renewable energy and fertilizer
Like a slice of pizza, a curvature could give fish fins their strength
Virus infection may be linked to Toledo water crisis, study shows
More to the bunch: Study finds large chromosomal swaps key to banana domestication
First step taken toward epigenetically modified cotton
What a locust's nose taught engineers about monkeys' ears
Drug-delivery method holds promise for controlling crop parasites
Spotting the invisible: Mapping structures, functions of a transient enzyme state
When a lack of sugar drives cells to eat themselves
1976 drought revealed as worst on record for British butterflies and moths

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American democracy is under attack: Sanders urges vigilance against Trumps authoritarianism
Police Shooting Mistrial Ignites Nationwide Protests
Trump vs. Medicaid
Mourners remember U.S. student held prisoner by North Korea
Crash that killed teenage siblings so horrific emergency responder went into cardiac arrest
JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing in South Carolina
Americans and guns: It's complicated
Conjoined McDonald Twins Surgeons Reflect On Separating Babies
Female Japan politician resigns after attacking male aide
In just a year, Republicans became far more skeptical of claims of racism
Judge: Another Mistrial in Case Against Former Officer in Deadly Ohio Shooting
US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan quits post
Anger in Mosul as Islamic State destroys historic mosque
Heres Why That Harley/Ducati Rumor is BS
Rolling sequoia: Idaho tree tied to John Muir set for move
9 Creative Ways To Add Bailey's To Your Sweets
Protesters to target Gay Pride marches
Michelle Carter Spotted First Time In Public After Guilty Verdict
Trump admits he has no tapes of Comey meetings
Cosby Juror Surprised Case Ended in Mistrial, Thought Shamed Comic Would be Acquitted
China's Xi visit to Hong Kong confirmed: report
Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar: close Jazeera, curb ties with Iran
Inmates Describe Torture In Secret Prisons In Yemen
Minneapolis police asked to limit presence at pride parade
US Energy Secretary Rick Perry told he lacks 'fundamental understanding' of climate science
This Super Common Beauty Product Could Be Linked to Breast Cancer
News outlets 'banned from filming' Jared Kushner during visit to Israel
'Pizzagate' gunman in DC sentenced to 4 years in prison
12 Bizarre Kitchen Ingredients That Get Rid Of Stains Fast
Pakistan says Indian man admits spying, India dismisses it as farce
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leads Off-Camera White House Briefing
US Navy to hold Japan memorial for sailors killed in crash
What You Learn After Driving the R8 Spyder
Employer: Bear hyper-aggressive against newlywed, co-worker
NASA's Curiosity rover has a pet rock on Mars
House Speaker Ryan backs swift action on Iran, Russia sanctions
Man walks free after federal judge tosses murder conviction
Mom Pleads to Save Her Nearly 300 Pound 11-Year-Old Daughter
Bumbling Ex-CIA Officer Charged With Selling Secrets to China
Syria regime penetrates IS-held eastern province: monitor
Casey Anthonys Parents Counter Sue Over Family Home Foreclosure
Suspect in Michigan airport stabbing attempted to buy gun before attack
6.8-magnitude quake hits Guatemala, second in eight days: USGS
33 Pasta Salads That Will Kill At Your Next Cookout
Trump admin OKs drone sale to India, manufacturer says
Couple Arrested After Mom Allegedly Breastfeeds Daughter While Drinking, Smoking at Bar
California AG bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states
Think of all the amazing things you can do with Philips Alexa-enabled Hue Lightstrips

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State Fair Goes To The Dogs
Pet Blog: Pet-A-Palooza!
Pet Blog: Spotlight On Mike Binkleys Dog Coach
Pet Blog: Beer With Your Buddy
Pet Blog: Watching Your Pet While Away
MN Company Invents Video Chat For Pets
Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Dog Breed?
Dogs & Owners Feeling The Burn Together
Dog Takes Up Motherly Duties For Abandoned Kitten
Pick-A-Side: Which Is The Cutest Puppy?
Be A Part Of Pet-A-Palooza!
A Chubby Pet Could Be A Big Problem
Free, Low-Cost Spay And Neuter Surgeries For Mpls. Pets
The Secrets Of Dog Communication
A Guide To A Family Friendly St. Patricks Day
Family Guide To Discovering Downtown St. Paul

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When peaceful coexistence turns into concurrence
Hybridization between Native and Invasive Trout is Increasing in the West
Manatees Just Lost Their Status as Endangered Species
Penn Researchers Investigate How Songbirds Teach Themselves Songs
Scientists go out on a limb to study tree-climbing land snails
Tigers, ready to be counted
USGS and Partners Team Up to Track Down Nonnative and Invasive Fishes in South Florida

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