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Does the full Moon effect sugar glider behavior?

This question cannot be answered in a simplistic fashion and in fact needs a bit more qualification to be answered. Many people seem to believe that the full Moon has a mystical effect on animals including sugar gliders and people. You can find a white noise of discussion all over the Internet citing things such as gravitational or magnetic or even unknown sources related to the full Moon causing effects. There is a plethora of people trying to sound scientific when supporting their opinion that the moon can effect animals including captive ones inside that cant even see the moon nor have ever seen it. It is rather easy to see through these weakly supported arguments that the full Moon effecting things is more of a belief or religion than a reality. Once you take a look at the real data, the real studies, the physics and astrophysics of it all, you realize that there is no support for anything related to the full Moon affecting anything save for one, light. The full Moon is a bright orb in the sky that brings light to an otherwise dark night. Light allows animals of all kinds that have eyes to choose to act differently. Even humans enjoy the full moon as much as possible but it is an active response and not some mystical elusive pulling. Animals could even come to biological cycles based on available moon light, but it is solely and simply because of the light from the big orb in the night sky and nothing else.

The moon itself is always there, full or weak. As a matter of fact, when the Moon is full it is actually on the side of our planet furthest from the Sun thusly reducing or balancing out gravitational force from the Sun. One can say that when the Moon is new or dark, it is on the Sun side of the planet and therefore any weird gravitational effects from alignments of the Moon would be at a maximum with a new Moon and minimum on a full Moon. In fact, the directional tidal (gravitational) pull is greatest from a new Moon for this reason.

So think about it for a bit and realize that most arguments out there on the Internet are absolutely not based on science or real data, they are simply belief and mythical in origin and propagated by simplistic people who really should not be spitting their beliefs online to other simplistic people. When you are not able to have a scientific and supported discussion with a person, you come to realize that it is a belief and not a fact and there is no way to have a scientific discussion or to even win an argument in the midst of religious belief. So when someone tells you that there are more prison riots or hospital emergencies on a full Moon when compared to any other time including a new Moon, only one thing can be draw from that which is that the light and/or the emotional attachment to a reflective orb in the night sky is highest when it is full. The big light effects activity and emotions. Sure, why not. One can also say that sun light effects activity and emotions or even same with lack of sunlight. Imagine the fear of early man when the sun was blotted out of the daytime sky by a solar eclipse or even when the nighttime moon disappeared temporarily into Earth shadow. It is no wonder that humans began to worship the Sun and the Moon and that uninformed belief still runs rampant even today.


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Last Edited June 18, 2012