Glider Gossip

Glider Gossip is a community of like-minded hobby owners of sugar gliders. It was registered and created in early 1997 and is one of the very first domain name websites created for sugar glider owners to communicate and share information. It has always been privately held and operated and has gone through various versions over the years. As information and services are added to grow the site, one thing has always been true over the years which is that the community is absolutely nothing without the participation of all of the members.

The original forum site was using perl scripts and went through a few iterations until it landed into what we use now.

You can view the forum archives HERE. It is rather interesting to see people's original posts. You can find them from most everybody who now owns their own web sites.


Past Holiday Themes
HERE is one of the previous front pages that some of you may remember.

Last Edited March 17, 2011