Heat Rock

Heat rocks are highly dangerous for use with sugar gliders. Anyone suggesting use of such a device has obviously made a large investment in these things and is trying hard to get rid of them. The concept of using a heat rock with a sugar glider is not even an outdated concept in the community, it never existed. It was simply introduced around 2009 by a very successful marketer of sugar gliders.

Dont use it!

Sugar gliders are furry warm blooded critters and are able to warm themselves. All they need is a place to seek shelter. Typical husbandry would have you use a pouch, a nestbox and perhaps some small fleece squares as blankets to allow the animal to choose the amount of warmth it would like.

In the wild, sugar gliders will live in small colonies in forest tree hollows and they will come together to create warmth to be safe and sound in the coldest of Australian winters.

If you are worried about your pet staying warm, get them a friend and a warm pouch.



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Last Edited March 26, 2012