How To Protect Yourself From Internet Scams

There does seem to be an uptick in listings all over the Internet of sugar gliders for sale in a highly sketchy manner. A true modern day person will not let themselves be taken by scams like these but it never hurts to share what to look for as some people may simply not be aware that there are others out there willing to take your money from you.

Please share some things you think others need to look out for before sending money to some distant island to ship in animals.

Here are mine as I can recall:

Dont send money out of the country or to an island.

Dont fall for sob, extended or complicated stories. Most folks simply list something for sale and that's it. Long stories start to scream scam.

There is no substitute for doing an in-person exchange.

Buy locally.

Roadtrip to pick up your new animals no matter how far. If you really cant manage this, you really dont need to be having animals in the first place.

Ask around to see if anyone else has dealt with this person.

Look for post count in forums.

Buyer beware.

If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Don't be greedy.

Get your animals from a sanctuary, shelter, rescue that has a history.

Take your time. If you are in a hurry, you are not ready for animals.

If a "seller" will not release any/more information to you without a deposit first it is probably a scam.

If they need you to send them a money order and in exchange will send you a check it is probably a scam.

Check any photos you were sent against Tineye to see if they were stolen.

Last Edited July 7, 2011