Invasive Species

Sugar gliders are a rather hardy animal in the wild. They can survive the hottest of summers and also the coldest of winters. Being a colony animal, they already have the skills to survive in the deep cold winter. As long as they can find an enclosed place and have others around to stay warm, gliders can endure. And they will thrive at temperate locations around the globe which is why they are banned as an invasive species in many places. If sugar gliders are released on Hawaii for instance, it is thought that they could do severe damage to the sugar crop. And being omnivorous, sugar gliders will eat anything they can to survive which could include most any crop, native flora and fauna, birds, small creatures, insects, damaging trees for sap and so forth.

Some people for instance think that a London winter might kill feral sugar gliders but I dont think so. Winters in Australia can get quite severe and they endure.


Exotic pests colonising South West London

Last Edited December 29, 2010