Link Pattern

The Link Pattern defines the rule of what pattern a Wiki Name should follow in order for the Wiki Name to be hyperlinked automatically to another Wiki Page.

The link pattern is:

More than one contiguous uppercase letters in a single word (ex: SMash or SMASH), or multiple words smashed together in proper case (ex: SmashWordsTogetherLikeSo). All articles should be named as descriptive as possible therefore having multiple words. so if you wanted to create an article about sugar glider parents grooming their babies, you would edit a new link into an existing page called SugarGliderParentsGroomingTheirBabies.

An existing example of this is HelpOnCreatingANewPage returns a link to Help On Creating A New Page. If there is no current article on the Link Pattern word, then there will be a ? next to it with a link to edit the new page into existence. An example of this is GliderpediaHelpsSugarGliders which returns GliderpediaHelpsSugarGliders. Note the ? because there is no current article yet.

The Link Pattern may differ between various Open Wiki sites. Some may allow/disallow digits and underscores, and some may allow/disallow non-English characters.

Also note that a Wiki Name that conforms to the Link Pattern is not hyperlinked when the Wiki Name is equal to the current page title you are viewing. For instance, in this article, the word LinkPattern is a Wiki Name because it follows the pattern, yet it is not hyperlinked because it is referring to itself because it is the title of this article.

For all other ways to create hyperlinks see Help On Linking.

Last Edited March 3, 2007