Mating Wound

Mating Wounds, also called Dominance Wounds, occurs when a cagemate or another glider overpowers a glider and either intentionally or accidentally penetrates the submissive glider's coat and creates an opening. Speculation is that accidental wounds may occur during mating attempts that are too aggressive, typically the wound will be found between the shoulder blades and was formed while mounting the female during her heat. A scenario of an intentional wound would be a female that refused the advances of a male who was very persistent thus he received a wound while she defended herself. Another example of an intentionally wound maybe in a dominance situation such as a family with the parents and a male offspring, if the male offspring tried to mate with his female parent the male parent would likely overpower him leaving him with a wound to establish dominance.

Mating Wound
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Dominance wounds should be taken seriously as they can often be a precursor for future fatal incidents. Theses wounds typically happen in larger colonies but can be seen amongst pairs. If a wound is found on a glider and is in an area the glider itself maybe unable to reach such as the neck, shoulders, or midback it is likely this type of wound. The glider should be removed temporarily during healing and the decision to reintroduce the glider to the same cage should be ascertained from the reason behind the wound.

The reason for Mating or Dominance wounds happen typically because of hierarchy establishment, a shift in dominance, aggressive mating, refusal to mate, food aggression, or exile. Sometimes the wounds can be stopped through neutering, housing improvement, increased portions, increased feeding areas, and separation during heat but some scenarios are only remedied by a permanent separation such as with gliders who are exiled.

It is important to note a permanent separation can be life saving but so is providing gliders with their own-kind. If an animal or two does not get along it does not mean they wish to live a life of solitude nor is that healthy for gliders it just means they are not compatible with that particular glider(s).

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