Modified Leadbeaters Mix

The original Leadbeaters Nectar mix used by the Taronga Zoo had ingredients not available to Americans at the time so it was appropriately modified and scaled by Ruth and shared on her website as the "Modified Leadbeaters Mix" along with her own overall diet feeding plan.

Ruth's Modified Leadbeaters Mix

Note: Since high-protein baby cereal is no longer available in the US, I was adding a second boiled egg and later switched to tofu to raise the level of protein and calcium. But some recent articles about tofu change my interest in it so I gave up on that idea. A jar of chicken baby food is a good alternative if your gliders will eat it, but I have ended up back where I began with adding a second egg and increasing the calcium to balance the additional phosphorus it introduces.
 Apple Juice         1/2 cup
 Honey         1/2 cup
 Boiled egg         2 (I leave the shell on)
 Gerber Baby cereal (dry flakes)         1/2 cup
 Wheat Germ         1/4 cup
 Rep-Cal (Calcium supplement with no phosphorus)         1 1/4 tsp
 Herptivite Vitamin Supplement         1 tsp

Dump everything in a blender and puree until lump free. I pour it into an airtight plastic container and freeze it, so it won't spoil before it's all used. It freezes to about the consistency of ice cream, so it's easy to scoop out a serving of it each night.

One recipe of Leadbeater's Mix will make roughly 50 glider servings, depending on how generously you scoop it.


Ruth's original diet plan

Last Edited March 21, 2012