Natural Disaster Emergency Preparedness

If you were suddenly alerted to a major natural gas pipe break nearby and had to evacuate, would you be ready? Can you quickly collect your animals and go? Are you ready to run? Most people cannot answer yes to this. Those of us with multiple different animals may not even have the means to grab and go which means part of owning a caged animal is the possibility of having to leave it behind in emergency circumstances.

If you are able to grab some or all of your pets, are you then able to manage them in endless hours of escape traffic, on the side of the road, at hotel or refugee center, in public while waiting in lines, for days on end while only being given enough food and water to sustain yourself...

Many people live in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc... Having emergency supplies set aside and ready can save you time, money and stress if an emergency unexpectedly occurs. Probably the most important item you should have set aside is a pet carrier or travel cage. It should have a handle on top for quick departures and it should also be glider proof so they cannot escape. All emergency supplies can be stored inside of the carrier/cage so when it's time to evacuate their home cage, all the supplies will be readily available and in one place. Here is a list of some suggested items:

Pet Carrier or Travel Cage

Non-perishable baby food in sealed, unopened jars (be sure not to get food that contains onion, garlic, salt or any other ingredients they should not have. Try to stick with plain fruits, veggies and proteins like chicken or beef)

Extra water bottle

Extra food dishes

Water or water bottles an unopened gallon or a few bottles

Handwarmers in case it gets cold

Clean, fleece blanket

Information for your vet and a backup emergency vet

Money or Care Credit card for emergency purchases/vet visits

Hand Sanitizer

Emergency medical kit [ ]

Last Edited October 5, 2010