Over Grooming

Over grooming is a form of Stereotypy for sugar gliders. It is a mental disorder in which the animal chooses to excessively groom itself for stimulation. The grooming continues until hair is completely removed or possibly beyond that until sores or wounds form. Some animals will continue this into what is called Self Mutilation where they will begin removing or eating their own skin or other body parts.

Treatment for this behavior is to address the mental stress by modify the environment usually with the basics of a larger cage, exercise wheel, cage companion, additional out of cage time, general environment enrichment, and other mental stimulation methods.

Overgrooming commonly presents itself as patchy/bald spots appearing on the head above the eyes or possibly on the tail, but is not limited to just these areas.

Peanut overgrooms her head into a mohawk

New rescue had been overgrooming on the head

Rescue Jack has been overgrooming


over grooming

Last Edited August 17, 2012