Reep's Wombaroo Diet was created around 2005 by Teresa Haas and her veterinarian for a very ill rescued glider who would not eat any diet containing honey. It has been said that this diet should be used only in cases were a glider refuses to eat honey or as an intermediate to other diets once a glider has been taken off pellets.


2 jars chicken baby food (2.5 ounce, stage one)
5-6 ounces apple juice
2 tablespoons Wambaroo High Protein Supplement*
4 tablespoons mixed baby cereal

Mix with a spoon or wire whisk until completely mixed.

Freeze in ice cube trays then transfer over into zip lock freezer bags to keep from getting freezer burn.

Recommended Serving Sizes Per Glider: 2 teaspoons of Reep's (More mix for pregnant females or nursing moms) 1 Tablespoon of fruit (Offer one type of fruit per night but rotate what kind offered each night) 1 Tablespoon of mixed veggies (corn, green beans, peas and carrots).

Three times per week give 1 teaspoon of yogurt (any flavor except chocolate, no artificial sweeteners)

Go off the diet for two nights, feed scrambled eggs, boiled/broiled chicken, or mealies instead of the mix. Nights do not have to be in a row.


Health Warnings With Reep's Diet

Original Write Up of Reep's

Nutritional Analysis of Reep's Mixture
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Last Edited February 15, 2014