Sugar Glider Non-Profits

There are many non-profit organizations out there dedicated to the good of sugar gliders all over. This list is by no means complete.

Az Sugar Glider Rescue

Az Sugar Glider Rescue Mission Statement The Az Sugar Glider Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit founded for the purpose of making the lives of sugar gliders happy and healthy. We not only care for gliders but offer education and mentoring to prospective and current glider parents.

Az Sugar Glider Rescue Website:

Lucky Glider Rescue and Sanctuary

LGRS Mission Statement LGRS is a non-profit exotic animal rescue dedicated to the health and protection of sugar gliders. LGRS is a 501(c)3 public charity, which also provides community outreach in the form of educational programs.

LGRS Website:

T.G.I. - The Glider Initiative

The Glider Initiative Mission Statement The Glider Initiative strongly believes in sugar glider education and outreach. We are committed to the education of owners, breeders, brokers, rescues, pet shops, veterinarians, and other sugar glider enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to reaching out to those in need and helping prolong the lives of sugar gliders everywhere. We believe all sugar gliders deserve a chance at an amazing life, and that starts with the education of those who own them.

TGI Website:

The Mill Breeder Project

The Mill Breeder Project Mission Statement The Mill Breeder Project is striving to put an end to the poor practices within the Sugar Glider Breeding Mills that are selling gliders at public venues, such as trade shows and county fairs that are sick, malnourished, and under age.

Our hope is that these mills will be made to comply with the proper USDA regulations, so that gliders will no longer be subjected to illness, harm, or death. In addition, we are also working closely with the CDC for the protection and health safety of the general public.

We are working on developing programs to help educate the public on the proper care, diet, safety, and health. To many sugar gliders are being sold at these shows that are infected with giardia, sick, underage, and malnourished. The housing conditions for the sugar gliders while at these shows are poor.

We are working closely with the Center for Disease Control to provide enough documentation from Veterinarians who have treated Sugar Gliders shortly after purchasing from one of the Mill Breeders.

Currently we are gathering veterinary documentation outlining the health condition of gliders sold by a mill breeder or its vendors. If you, or someone you know, has purchased a glider from a mill, please get a copy of your vet records and email them to us.

If any of these Companies are scheduled to be in your location, please contact us to send the information.

Together we can make a difference! Thank you!

The Mill Breeder Project Website:

The Sugar Group

The Sugar Group Mission Statement The SUGAR Group's mission is to improve the care and treatment of sugar gliders world wide by compiling and analyzing data and statistics regarding sugar glider life, care, treatment & death and utilizing that analysis to facilitate the development of improved treatment techniques, care advice, diet, medications and veterinary/rehabilitation car

The Sugar Group Website:

S.E.S.G. - South East Sugar Gliders

The SESG is dedicated to educating people everywhere about the care and nuturing of sugar gliders.

The SESG Website:

Save Our Suggies

We are a non-profit organization in The Upstate, South Carolina. Our mission is to love, save, rescue, rehome, rehabilitate, neuter and vet Sugar Gliders in need. We assist in educating new, current and future Glider families.

SOS Website:

Last Edited August 21, 2013